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David C (ru) wrote: From the director of the inventive Troll Hunter, comes a supernatural tale of a night in a family-run morgue. The excellent premise and surroundings instil freshness and atmosphere that can often be missing in modern horror. It is just a shame that the initial two thirds of the film that are tightly-woven and engrossing, are undone by a less inventive and a unsatisfying denouement of events.

Phyllis G (us) wrote: You have to really like down home family oriented movies for this one....but i it was right up my alley....still its kind of one of those "once is enough" type movies.

kayte g (de) wrote: Great! Really enjoyed it.

Leon B (ca) wrote: Pride and Glory is a movie that has a strong cast, but not a strong story or a dialogue to compete with the cast.

Heekiah J (gb) wrote: It was bleak and held my attention.

Raven M (kr) wrote: I love this smart comedy that knows its material! This is such a wonderful, funny, quotable movie, with characters that I can't help but fall in love with and amazing performances across the board.

Matt T (it) wrote: One of the best Danish films I have watched to date.

trenton g (it) wrote: this is a classic family movie that every kid should see while growing up, with the exception of one scene

Felix C (jp) wrote: Rating: 8.7/10 A self-aware, brilliantly-edited, superbly-shot and satisfyingly-executed movie that keeps your eyes fixed to the screen and leaves you sweating bullets till the end credits. Although it slows down from time to time, and some scenes drag a few seconds too long, and an ending that leaves a few questions unanswered, the rest of the movie is more than enough to compensate for them. "Bullitt" is a film that future filmmakers must see and study, and movie-lovers to experience. It is a crime flick with a brain. Don't miss it.

Richard P (jp) wrote: What is old is new again. The U.S is back to the paranoid thinking that takes place in this movie. Well done and it did not have a formulaic ending. Good stuff.

Gabbo P (jp) wrote: Review coming soon...

Lewis E (us) wrote: Only thing more revved up than the nascar engines is Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly's annoying overactive performances. They persist with the foolishness hoping that one of their outbursts will actually end up being funny. This happens very rarely and certainly not justifying experiencing two hours of stupidity, homophobic gags and silly stereotypes trading lame insults. With a predictable storyline to boot, "Talladega Nights" turns out to be as mind-numbing as watching cars go round in circles.