Master of Death

Master of Death


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Master of Death torrent reviews

makayla p (us) wrote: I really want to see it

Lawrence P (mx) wrote: terribly written and directed, no narrative drive, no compelling characters

Michael M (es) wrote: This movie has been on TMC lately so I've caught most of it again after not having viewed it in years. It's definitely the 2nd best Hannibal Lecter movie behind "Silence of the Lambs" as Ralph Fiennes plays a credible psychopath in the Lecter vein. Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and of course Anthony Hopkins are always good. Definitely worth another look if you haven't seen it in awhile.

Ruby D (nl) wrote: Really enjoyed it ???

Sam M (us) wrote: Hilarious and fun classic.

Em M (br) wrote: Dark, broody, menacing... Some things I prefer to remake... On the whole tho I like the remake...

Ilja S (kr) wrote: A skillfully directed, well acted and extremely intriguing piece of film.