Master of Horror

Master of Horror

Anthology film based on three stories by Edgar Allen Poe. Argentinian genre effort that was re-edited and distributed in the U.S.

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Leif M (de) wrote: great movie. captured all the bs of being a teen perfectly.

Amit C (es) wrote: Good to see a nice family film. Love the tune Tooh Tooh.

Cori A (fr) wrote: Well that's a big pot of frustrating with a dash 'how the hell did you not see that coming?!' (April 2, 2015)

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: Should've won the Oscar

Adam P (au) wrote: Never have I seen a love-triangle between a married couple and another woman executed with such restraint, sensitivity, or empathy. Briz (C) lets his characters tell his story, relying on simple images and understated moments more than melodrama or lust. Mademoiselle Chambon never really reaches for style, but instead gently pushes its mood in quiet. More than often this is the film's greatest asset, but occasionally it would've done well to trim some of its more meandering fat -- sometimes even minimalism needs to be kept to a minimum.

John A (kr) wrote: Belle & Raffaelli Re-Team To Take On Crooked Cops Who Are Taking Drastic Actions To Control The District's Population. This Second Entry Is Mildly Better Than It's Predecessor, But If You Enjoyed The First You'll Certainly Enjoy This As They're Are More Parkour Skills Displayed.

Tom I (nl) wrote: Eh, not quite as interesting as Tropical Malady, but not bad either. The repetitive elements were interesting but made the 2nd half a little less engaging.

Dustin B (br) wrote: Love at FIRST jail bait fuck!

Mariana A (es) wrote: A tragic, sometimes disturbing, but also beautiful story.

Miriana (it) wrote: I totally love this movie!!! It is sooooo romantic, and passionate! I watched it more than 10 times.

jul v (au) wrote: Oh! I hate american horrors, because most of them has only blood, dead bodies and some monsters, which fools around. I hate asian horrors, because they often has banal plot - an evil spirit (for example, a little girl with long black hair) kills many good people. But this is another story. I can't say this is horror, but some bloody moments it has. I think it's a drama with elements of horror. She tells us several beautiful sad stories about heavy loneliness - to live without precious people, who died. You can become insane from sorrow, die of grief or live on. But these stories not so simple. Though the way they made a film not new, but has a few impressive episodes. And I like music of this film very much!

John C (au) wrote: Quirky style aside, Cross of Iron depicts the extremes of war, mixing subtle humor and brutal war scenes.

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