Master of the House

Master of the House

A bully browbeats his wife and children until he meets his match in the woman who raised him.

Victor Frandsen is a domestic tyrant. His wife Ida has to work as a slave for him and the rest of the family. She rises early to prepare everything for the day, she toils all day long, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler E (ca) wrote: There are some good ideas, but they're lost in a sea of other works that range from mediocre to downright terrible. [C-]

Heather M (kr) wrote: This had solid acting and a great historical plot.

MT W (ru) wrote: Another crap movie. I think they should categorize this movie as drama instead of horror. The downside of the movie was this movie turned out to be a semi-porn one since quite a few times this couple got naked and do it. Naked scenes are inevitable in horror movies. But in this movie, it's just too much.

Private U (fr) wrote: This film was a wonderful tale about a woman's husband who goes disappearing and she tries to find him. As she does so, she meets two wonderful men that she learns from and tears her away from reality. Wonderful plot and carefully directed.

Aaron B (es) wrote: A much better film than the sequel, filmed in a Requiem for a Dream paced style.

Thomas B (es) wrote: Thrilling and suspenseful with a tight script, great direction and incredible performances. Full review later.

Vickey L (it) wrote: "You sold the shoe store?! YOU SOLD THE SHOE STORE?!!!...... Mcdonalds!!!........" "You hungry dad?" "Yessss" hahahahahaha!

Arash B (ru) wrote: Wong Kar Wai's somehow reaching his unique style in here

Nigel K (br) wrote: Bitter sweet comedy, dysfunctional family and relatives try and cope with what life throws at them. Only film ever to make me feel broody!

Jenny K (it) wrote: back in the days when salman khan was actually hot! cute movie of rich boy poor girl falling in love and of course, the obstacles they have to go through. awesome songs and one of the best bollywood films during the old school late 80s-early 90s years.

Ruth L (fr) wrote: Definitely funny. Kinda strange to see Belushi in a romantic comedy but it's worth it.

Jeremiah L (au) wrote: Not the most entertaining Kazan but definitely his most well directed. Lot of small experimental bits that I really like. Plus, a great cast to boot.

Sue L (au) wrote: Amazing! Very interesting.

David S (de) wrote: Such a touching tribute to those in music education, and a powerful statement on the importance of teaching the arts to children, the film is not without its flaws, but it is made all the more powerful by them.