Master of the World

Master of the World

A mad genius tries to bomb the world into peace.

The world in the late 19th century: A scientist and his team are held as "guests" of Robur on his airship, that he want to use to ensure peace on earth. Peace with all, even if he has to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Master of the World torrent reviews

andrew p (es) wrote: its a decent vampire movie the ending didnt really make sense

Hannu P (br) wrote: sangen hauska ja mukava leffa Hurriganesin historiasta .. katsomisen arvoinen

Greg R (ru) wrote: I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid, but I pretty much remember what happens from then. Though I may have mixed thoughts on it, this is still a descent crossover between two classic nostalgic cartoons.

t m (it) wrote: you would never suspect who the killer really was

Michael E (ca) wrote: Having a fantastic ensemble of extremely talented comedic actors, and while having a generic premise, knows how to make it funny by utilizing each actor humorously in different scenarios.

Theresa M (fr) wrote: I have seen this movie more times then I count, but even so it never gets old. This movie is so women empowering and I absolutely love it. Watching it recently I realize how absolutely unrealistic this movie is, but that isn't really the point. Reese Witherspoon is an amazing actress and I will never get sick of Elle proving everyone wrong and kicking butt as a law student/lawyer. And I love her with Emmett, screw Warner. I also will never be able to get over how every single time this movie makes me hate Vivian in the beginning and then like her in the end. Even though I know she ends up being good, the actress just does an amazing job of making you hate her.

Mr S (ag) wrote: It was the black version of blow

Mark N (ca) wrote: What an fantastic cast of up and comers to have for your movie. Some brilliant performances drive a very loose bumbling criminals plot and make an enjoyable romp. Watch out for an early Peter Dinklage performance towards at the end just going to further prove how awesome he is in any role.

Richard D (ag) wrote: Julie Andrews stars as a singer living in England during WWI who is also a spy for the Germans. She seduces American officer Rock Hudson to gain vital information from him, and ends up falling in love with him. This project was directly spawned by the marriage of Blake Edwards and Andrews. Both were at the commercial peak of their careers, so studios were hopping to green light any collaboration between the two. Edwards was eager to show the world Andrews the way he saw her ... not the squeaky clean star of "Mary Poppins" and "The Sound of Music". This is a terrible film. I'm really not fond of Andrews, who always strikes me as a lifeless, phony screen presence. She has absolutely no chemistry with Hudson (they apparently hated each other), who can be a better actor than he is often given credit for, but not here. He's wooden and distracted whenever he's on screen. The film cannot decide what it wants to be. It was not a musical when William Peter Blatty wrote the screenplay. The musical numbers that are included sporadically not only don't further the plot, they often sabotage the narrative flow, Edwards seems to want to be doing a serious drama, but he includes a pair of French army intelligence agents that seem to have wandered in from a Pink Panther film.

Michael D (fr) wrote: I understand why most people didn't like this film. The dialog is dumb, but overall a very sweet story.

Chris J (es) wrote: This film really doesn't want you to enjoy it.