Regional finalists of the Masterblaster paintball competition gather together at the national championship for a chance at the title and fifty thousand dollars in cash. The competition turns deadly when someone stops playing games and starts taking lives.

A paintball tournament goes from a fun, exciting weekend to an exercise in survival when someone starts killing the competitors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Masterblaster torrent reviews

Franck P (es) wrote: Charlotte de Turckheim suit un groupe de curiste Bride les bains en qute de perte de poids... A la limite du tlfilm.

Tonya V (it) wrote: I love history stuff like this. Very sad that these 2 did not get to finish their work. There is still a long way to go.

Gerald D (nl) wrote: A nice story about being there for someone in need. The story is very real. The acting very good. Nice to see an indie film set in a friendly spanish culture in New York without having to being subjected to all kinds of guns and violence.

Louis F (mx) wrote: A great first film from Peter Paige. At time hilarious, heartbreaking and disturbing. The film exposes the paranoid suburban nature of the bored heavy housewife.The film suffers from first time director syndrome, i.e. it lags in parts, has trouble finding it's footing, but none of it's flaws are big enough to detract from the fact that it's a great, human, original story.I highly recommend this film, not only to QaF lovers, but to anyone who enjoys an original, well written indie dramedy with heart.

Niki G (gb) wrote: Long, but worth it for film freaks.

Jim F (mx) wrote: Dodgy CGI. Love the props

Duncan P (kr) wrote: An Asterix film I wasn't even aware of the existence of until recently, it's actually a pretty good adaptation of the book, though it comes across kinda as a low-budget semi-sequel to "Asterix vs. Caesar", sharing some of the musical leitmotifs of the latter specifically while not having the same quality of animation. Not the strongest effort in the film series, but still as funny as the book was thanks to sticking to the source material quite strictly.

Joy H (ca) wrote: I laughed so hard This is really woth seeing.