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Mata Hari

Mata Hari is a beautiful Dutch-born dancer, working in Paris. It is August 1914 and war between France and Germany seems imminent. However, she accepts an invitation to travel to Berlin as ...

Mata Hari is the best funny movie of Joel Ziskin. The released year of this movie is 1985. There are many actors in this movies torrent, such as Sylvia Kristel, Christopher Cazenove, Oliver Tobias, Gaye Brown, Gottfried John, William Fox, Michael Anthony, Vernon Dobtcheff, Anthony Newlands, Brian Badcoe, Tutte Lemkow, Taylor Ryan, Victor Langley, Nicholas Selby, Malcolm Terris. Movie' genres are War. This movie was rated by 3.1 in This is really a good movie torrents. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 108 minutes. Leocuto is interesting uploader, he is very fast. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Crazy', so what is your opinion. Do you know what are visitors? ShinichiKuto is the best. I can't push my Galaxy screen. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

. . The exotic dancer uses her contacts in European high society, along with her seductive charm, to collect military secrets during. Based loosely on the real-life story of the World War I spy

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Users reviews

Ashley A (au)

One hour and twenty-seven minutes I'll never get back

Caitlin L (fr)

I wish they would do more movies together. Great pairing. Hugh and Drew work well together on screen. Good movie

Jeffrey W (jp)

This movie is amazing crappy horror, the sequel is not

MF J (jp)

it's not the greatest film ever but it's watchable. a nice romantic comedy with a great cast, some good moments and funny jokes

Naomi L (nl)

atchable but was not blown away. Enjoyed it

PatrickThomas G (us)

It so wants to be what it claims to be in it's advertisements, that it fails miserably. This film is just horribly made and isn't moving or captivating but just plain bad. But in order to disturb me it A) has to be somewhat believeable and B) I have to care about the characters. The idea of violence against women and children is incredibly disturbing. This film was labeled "one of the most disturbing films ever made" on its own advertisements, yeah that was false advertising, this film is disturbing it is stupid and quite honestly highly unlikely

Scott J (us)

insane batshit nonsense with hilarious over the top action

Steve W (nl)

The movie's only real good part is the action climax. A decent storyline and great action choreography is ruined by some bad camera work and choppy editing

Stuart B (it)

Funny and some quite un nearving moments. Brilliant movie

Sylvia G (de)

Horrible. There's only a sexy body and two retarded looking guys with irritating and terrible acting. Can somebody tell me what it was about??? What was the focus?? There was no plot, the script is weaker than weak. Probably the most boring thriller that I've seen in my life. Waste of time - it's just as bad as a film can get