A gang rescues a criminal from the gallows to attach them and rob a stagecoach full of gold. When they get the loot, betray him and leave him dying in the middle of the desert. The band ...

A gang rescues a criminal from the gallows to attach them and rob a stagecoach full of gold. When they get the loot, betray him and leave him dying in the middle of the desert. The band ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


¡Mátalo! torrent reviews

Keilah M (br) wrote: Good movie !!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Kevin S (br) wrote: "A little dog leaves the title character by the side of a road, wondering why it exists. Over the course of several months, Poo meets a leaf, a hen, and a lump of soil, who assures it, "God has not created you for no reason." But little Poo feels rejected until a dandelion sprout accepts it as fertilizer." Yes, I rented it. Yes I watched it. Yes, I'm admitting it. (OMG!) If you can get past the fact that the star of this film is a pile of dog poop and remember that it was made for six year old Korean children, its not all that bad. (OMG! - did I just say that Doggy Poo isn't all that bad???) The animation, which is stop-motion claymation, is actually pretty remarkable. And... (get this!) There are DVD extras including; The Making of Doggy Poo (OMG!) and even a Doggy Poo music video (OMG!) Honest! I'm not making this crap up (pun intended). Note: Now that I've rated it two & 1/2 stars, every movie that I've rated two stars or less is now officially "lower than Doggy Poo". (Take that John Rambo!!!)

Chipmunk W (jp) wrote: funny funny funny british movie!!! confuzziling tho, so pay attention!!...wow...still pretty guy...*drool*

Drago C (es) wrote: A festival of 90s cheap horror schlock, Project Metalbeast is at least competently directed even if the acting and effects work is hilarious at times. Kane Hodder plays the metalbeast (the monster itself) and Barry Bostwick of Spin City fame plays a shady colonel who has nefarious plans with his ex partner/werewolf. Overall enjoyable in a 90s schlock kind of way.

Santosh A (jp) wrote: If you are one of those people who miss the 80's and the 90's then this is 'the' movie for you. The movie will remind you of the fun stuff you did with your friends when you were small. Sleeping in bunker beds, talking with your best friend in the adjacent building with walkie talkies late in the night, going on rides in a carnival, being unhappy that you will now have to share your room with your baby sibling, going to that famous toy store in your city and many such things which will remind you of those days.This is one of the sweetest movie which will make you fall in love with the characters, especially Tom Hank's. The innocence portrayed will make you smile for long.well, if your looking forward to watch a happy movie in every sense then you must watch this.

Matthew P (mx) wrote: He's just on his way to Australia!

Bleak M (au) wrote: Superb Boetticher/Scott Western - and the only one on DVD.

Eric H (de) wrote: A feelgood movie which passes the Bechdel Test with flying colours. Not the usual vapid college kid schlock but a warm and gentle antidote to that genre: a bit of fluff with an off-the-wall script of philosophical spoofing, quirky speculation and some rather unconventional - though possibly worth trying - ideas to cure teenage angst and the ills of the world.Grappling with the big ideas of drama, such as sex, suicide, personal worth, dishonesty and human relations, the script seems to somehow superimpose the normally perceived polar opposites of the intellectual and the airhead to offer a perfect harmony of nutty thinking and altruistic intent.

Ibraheem M (fr) wrote: "Philadelphia" doesn't reach the high standards of previous courtroom dramas but the performances were terrific.

Cody B (nl) wrote: Can't remember this at all, but clearly I need to see it again, because it sounds awesome.

Eduardo B (ru) wrote: silly and made with the best of intentions

kyo 9 (jp) wrote: Never thought Richard Gere could act like this in a movie!