Matar ou Correr

Matar ou Correr

"High Noon" spoof. Kid Bolha and Ciscocada, two clumsy swindlers, arrive at a violent Old West town called Citydown where, by mistake, one of them is appointed Sheriff. They're intent on facing the dreaded Jesse Gordon, a gunman who kills for pleasure.

"High Noon" spoof. Kid Bolha and Ciscocada, two clumsy swindlers, arrive at a violent Old West town called Citydown where, by mistake, one of them is appointed Sheriff. They're intent on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yafit Y (ag) wrote: ? ???? ????

Sergio E (br) wrote: Paul Dini and Bruce Timm had nothing to do with this...thing. And it shows. because this movie is not like all the others it feels long and sometimes boring the characters are Bogus. the voices are not all there and the screenplay is a joke the story is good but the script leaves a lot hanging and some stuff that should be hanged too!! Lex is a Joke and they try it with not Superman but with Clark and it's just tasteless. The dialog is dreadful. Brainiac and Luthor both are completely out of character. This is one of the tons of cartoons that I watch and 1 of the first that I don't actually like!! Please Use the right people it shows!! A new Superman movie brings back Tim Daly from Superman: The Animated Series to voice the world's biggest Boy Scout. Unfortunately, that's almost all of the good news about this movie. The plot is thin, the jokes are bad, and the characters are, well, out of character. Brainiac Attacks finds our superhero dealing with a returned Brainiac and a scheming Lex Luthor (no change there). The movie also attempts to catch some attention with Clark Kent's biggest question: should he tell Lois Lane that he is also Superman? It was an excellent device, but it seems that Superman is very human when it comes to love. He painfully bumbles his way through the love story, throwing a relationship clich here and a lovesick sigh there. Actually, his reasoning oftentimes eerily mimics that of Peter Parker's. I take that back. "Mimics" doesn't do it justice. "Completely and totally copies every bit of Spiderman's reasoning" better describes the debates Superman has with his computer in the Fortress of Solitude and with his adopted parents. It gives a sort of retread feel to the movie. The villains in this movie are obnoxious. Lex Luthor now constantly frets about his image and cracks dumb jokes, then gets mad when nobody in the movie finds them funny. Brainiac smirks and glares like an emotionless, living machine never should. Mercy is true to her near-robotic state of lap-doggery for Lex. Jimmy, the intrepid photographer, was an excellently developed character in this movie (despite his annoying tendency to narrate his own actions), as was Lois Lane, but sapping the villains of their comic mythos does this movie in. I wish I could at least say the production values of the movie would be a high point, but the animation feels dated. Faces seems to radically change shape, depending on the viewing angle the movie is shown from. Superman is more anatomically realistic than how he was drawn in the Justice League series, but, in my opinion, it sucks some style from him. The entire movie has a less-than-realistic, cartoony-type feel that I definitely do not prefer. Overall, Brainiac Attacks doles out cheap (non)laughs and mangles previously enjoyable villains, while failing to grip the viewer with excitement over either a great action plot or great love story. The idea was good, but the execution was terrible. In short, the movie makes a mess of the DCAU, stomping all around without wiping it's feet first, and it doesn't really give us a story worthy of the annoyance it brings us. It's just junk. They had the opportunity here to do a great coda to 15 years of great shows (Warners has tacitly announced that the DCAU is done for the foreseeable future), a great final chapter, and they blew it. They had a chance to tell a really good story, and they blew it, and, what's more, they didn't care. Fans will find out about this movie, expecting it to be like a farewell kiss on the lips from someone you loved who's moving away forever, but in the end it's more like an unexpected punch in the mouth. Avoid! This is not a movie for enjoying, this is a movie for laying down and avoiding! I went into this thing thinking it was going to be, at the very least, a representation of the Bruce Timm characters from both the Superman the Animated Series, and Justice League. This was neither. This holds no relation to the characters portrayed on Justice League AT ALL, and other than Tim Daly and Dana Delaney returning as Superman and Lois Lane, the similarities with the animated series end there. No Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor here. Instead we get Powers Boothe, who did a fantastic job as Grodd on Justice League, but is unbelievably bad as Luthor. I do not blame him as the writing of the character was terrible. Luthor is left as comic relief with man one liners that aren't funny as well as many times being played as just another rich idiot. Sad really, I missed Brown's cold and calculating character from both former series. )I suppose he was too busy with other projects or just read this stinker and took a pass. Lance Hennriksen tries to fill the shoes of Corey Burton as Braniac and fails miserably. He is never believable in the role. Where Hennriksen fails is in the demeanor of Braniac as a whole. Here he plays fast and loose with the character and delivers a decent bad guy, but no Braniac. Burton played Braniac with no emotion. You always knew what to expect. Cold and efficient. Hennricksen's Braniac is laughing, cracking wise comments and just generally wrong. Embittered by Superman's heroic successes and soaring popularity, Lex Luthor forms a dangerous alliance with the powerful computer/villain Brainiac. Using advanced weaponry and a special strain of Kryptonite harvested from the far reaches of outer space, Luthor specifically redesigns Brainiac to defeat the Man of Steel.

Jeff W (de) wrote: Such a cute movie :)

MEC r (ca) wrote: This movie was just on the Sci-Fi channel. I think it would've been more interesting to me if it had showed on tv BEFORE 2 AM. Zzzz

J K (de) wrote: Too many Cs in the title. Crappy Cinematic Catastrophe.

Luke W (us) wrote: The best escape from reality, for the common working individual. Hilarious and unique. Office Space is one of a kind.

261747 b (nl) wrote: Holy christ. sorry, but i have to get it off my chest. I just finished watching this movie, and felt i needed to REGISTER on this site just to write a review just to express my hatred for this movie. there are countless errors in this movie, and the production values......ugh all i am saying is i could fund a better quality movie with whats in my wallet right now. harsh? no, not at all. it looks like they filmed this thing on a video phone. and the plot..... first off we find our so called 'heroes' in a dojo with their trainer 'white Dragon' but they dont know he is white dragon, they are being informed of white dragon foiling robbers and such. this sparked my attention because later in the movie they saw white dragon on a japaneese comic, they were wondering who he was, even though they were informed of him in the first FIVE MINUTES of the movie. another thing that annoyed me is their costumes. their ninjas right? wrong. they wear black suits, colored maskes, CLOWN WIGS and roller blades. yeah, VERY stealthy. now we come to THE worst scene in the entire movie, if not in film history. we find white dragon fighting Cobra Khan in a baloon factory. and by baloon factory i mean a bunch of clowns in a room blowing up baloons. well here we are, the fight between cobra khan and white dragon, well they do anything but fight. the mighty white dragon is just bouncing on baloons and telling eachother that 'nah nah cant get me' and the ever dreadful 'neener neener!' After all the bouncing on baloons, Kobra decides he just wants to play pattycake with white dragon. Yes, pattycake, I kid you not. Finally kobra gets fed up with all the five year old games and tries to shoot white dragon, in defense he picks up a baloon to sheild himself from the bullet. The baloon stops the bullet, meaning kobra must buy his guns at an antique shop because the bullet did not have enough strength to pop a baloon and hit white dragon. i would rather watch a dog dryhump a cat than watch this a third time. i would rather watch a man rip his own head off and eat it than watch this movie a third time. The reason i watched it a second time was because i left halfway through to go watch paint dry. the long and short of it is i wanted to stab my eyes out with a rusty knife. yeah, not a very good movie

CJ A (es) wrote: I've never found myself rooting harder for bot sex.

Emil K (ru) wrote: A Proof that Antonioni did lost his touch to films at the final third of his career. This one still has all the familiar themes of other Antonioni's films , but it is oddly cold and distant and above all there is no more that wonderful visual look of other Antonioni films. It rather look like a quite amateurish even at times. Only one scene that involves fog has that good old Antonioni-feel in it. Cannot be recommended, not even for fans of director.

william b (kr) wrote: Maybe the best of the Dick Tracy series this movie has humor, science, and the very appealing Lex Barker and June Clayworth.

Austin T (fr) wrote: I was impressed, it's been a movie I've been wanting to see for some time now. Incredible acting by Oscar Issac, this is a slow developing film, but I've always been a sucker for crime drama. The score of the film is also very well done and thought provoking. I definitely recommend this film.

Mad M (kr) wrote: Decent adventure thriller. Russell and Betanny did well together.

Brett B (br) wrote: It's a rare pleasure when you go into a movie expecting one thing and then the movie delivers something entirely different and better. My expectations for IRRATIONAL MAN were based purely on its interesting cast and its reputation for being supposedly "lesser Woody Allen." To my extreme surprise, the movie delivered an enigmatic and thought-provoking tale with much on which to chew. It starts you off on uneven terrain, tonally, as the very early sections feel like the kind of light comedy that Allen has erred towards often in his recent years... although many actual laughs, if that makes sense; by design, Allen seems to be using the first act to throw us off guard with his stereotypically light filmmaking style. We are made to question, "Is this really a comedy and we're just not getting it? Or is it something else?" We soon discover that the movie is not at all a straight comedy (it could possibly be called a satire, but I'd honestly really struggle to place fully in any genre), and that it has deep, existential concerns of the philosophical variety. True, there's some intellectual wankery and fetishism on display (which, to be fair, can be found in many Allen movies), but there's a subtly mocking air of criticism this time out, which is kind of refreshing. Joaquin Phoenix is absolutely tremendous in the film as a guy undergoing a severe breakdown of sorts, and the way he almost dispassionately sells his character's arc is extremely impressive. Emma Stone makes for a luminous leading lady, conveying great, if perhaps a bit shallow and surface-level (again, by design), intelligence along with a sort of girlish sense of infatuation; Phoenix gets the splashier role, but Stone's character has an equally strong arc heading into the story's third act. It's a movie that's constantly engaging and somewhat remarkably feels like a breezy watch even as it deals with some ultimately quite difficult and dark concepts. IRRATIONAL MAN may be thought to be one of Allen's more minor entries, but I found myself truly entertained and compelled by it.

Brody M (jp) wrote: An OK movie but if you like this 1 go see Ghost Warrior cauz its way better