Dimitris, a grumpy middle-aged man, is having a hard time with his business partner on a particular decision as to opening a new business; and he's also having a hell of a time with his family members. He has a really short temper, and the unpleasant behaviour of his nasty wife and his disrespectful children don't contribute much to his health.

Dimitris, a grumpy middle-aged man, is having a hard time with his business partner on a particular decision as to opening a new business; and he's also having a hell of a time with his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roland L (jp) wrote: Drawn in; and eventually captivated by Sarah Polley's performance. Totally feel Lee's (Mark Ruffalo) pain in the end.

Michael Y (au) wrote: Just one of those special period piece movies you don't here much about. The Claim is a dramatically unique western done with great style. In the great Gold Rush days of the mid 19th Century, an Irish immigrant, Dillion, sells his wife and daughter to a man for his gold claim, and since then had become very prosperous, even raising a small town. 3 people come to the town who'll break Dillion. One is a man named Dalglish who is sent to build a railroad near his town. The other two are his dying wife and his daughter who does not know Dillion is her real father. The Claim is a very nice touch on the western genre. It's a great character drama, romantic, and very depressing. It's a good combination. We see Dillion as a powerful man with a vast fortune, but we have sympathy for him because he doesn't have what he really wants in life. Though he's rich, money can't buy him everyting. Peter Mullan does a wonderful performance, and so does Wes Bentley when things begin to heat up. The lovely Milla Jovovich plays an interesting but a little bit sad character; Dillion's Portuguese lover, Lucia, who owns the town brothel. She's another character whos wealth cannot quite get everything she wants. The Claim is a tad bit on the melodramatic side, but it is balanced wonderfully by the directing. The style of the movie is great. It's cinematography is very cold and dark and 100% fantastic. The outdoor scenes don't have a lot of colour to them, and that really brings out the isolation and empty feel of the movie. But the inside of the pioneer houses are full of detail, but with a different, warmer colour that still doesn't make the movie any more warm or happy. The old timy costumes, dresses and sets look fantastic, fully of little details of how things were back then. Nothing fancy at all or romanticised, just the bare minimum to get a sence of how desperate such times were. And the last thing that brings this movie together is the extremely wonderful music score by Michael Nyman that truely fits the movie and brings so much emotion to the movie, right up the great climax. It may be a little slow with a lot of drama, and it doesn't have a big named cast or big name director, but The Claim is a unique period piece movie that an interesting and well paced western that can hit the right spot when you're in the mood. Its different and stylistic take on the old west and downer of a story makes The Claim a satisfying film if you want to watch something different.

Ruan J (gb) wrote: Still don't get why Morgan Freeman's character was so enfatuated with Betty, but it was better than I expected.

Lindsay R (nl) wrote: One of my favorite directed movies that will never get old and will never not be horrifying. This will also make you very suspicious of those old side road motels...

Sarah H (nl) wrote: Very entertaining. It's like and 80s film noir. Very pretty to look at, too.

Julie G (jp) wrote: Kind of fun...almost like two separate horror flicks but really picks up the last half of the film. Worth a watch if you like French horror.

Ben R (ru) wrote: -fresh-fascinating-4stars

Delina Jenkins C (nl) wrote: As usual the professional critics are out of touch with what the audiences really like. This movie was a very enjoyable look at a difficult summer for three girls whose parents are splitting, made magical by a unique neighbor. The performance by Emma Fuhrmann was fantastic and as she goes on to be a star she can be proud of this early one. Fans of Madsen and Freeman will enjoy this one as we did.

Mercedes D (gb) wrote: Unbelievable failure considering not only the talent involved but the fascinating woman and times that this flop is based on. Where to begin? Nicole Kidman as a young Oxford graduate, photographed in such soft focus that one is compelled to find her wrinkles? Examine her wig? Only until James Franco appears on screen ... with an English accent so feeble and a lack of charisma so strong that one is actually fascinated by this odd choice by Werner Herzog.The phony chemistry between tall and imposing Kidman and Franco is as laughable as the background music, which does not know when to stop.Damian Lewis and the other British actors are fine, as usual. Kidman has copied a few bad habits from Meryl Streep - who would have been cast in the main role had this film come to life decades earlier - loud sighing, heavy breathing and barking when angry. Read Gertrude Bell's biography instead.

Phairlever P (ru) wrote: Never ceases to insult my intelligence that robots with all this tech can't shoot at all, especially when they would have infrared tech and so many other things at their disposal to put humans down in a nanosecond. They crawl around and fire off a thousand rounds to get one hit. It's beyond stupid. But then, if any of the writers of these ridiculous films included tech that has been around about a hundred years (yep, IR heat sig tech), their film would be obsolete. Which it is for anyone who has half a mind.