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Anthony B (au) wrote: Another wack mma movie from kickboxing legend Hector Echavarria, this is nothing more than softcore porn with a few fights thrown in featuring UFC stars Rasheed Evans, Forrest Griffin and Keth Jardine. "Unrivaled" is another in a long line of movies trying to cash-in on the current popularity of the UFC and mr Echavarria has been the biggest offender to date with three such movies now under his belt - please no more!

Michelle E (nl) wrote: Not too bad.... the acting could use some help, but the story is OK and in the end it did provide decent suspense and thrills.

Ken S (kr) wrote: A wonderful and visually impressive short animated student film. Sadly the feature length animated adaptation doesn't really flesh out the fairly simple minded story laid out here. The short is solid, since it is short and silent the story can be this simple and not hurt the integrity.

Stephen M (ru) wrote: It was one of those good bad films that was entertaining and so obviously dumb to continue watching.

Wes S (fr) wrote: There are some fun interesting pointers, but they don't go deep enough, and the characters suffer from lacking development. The octopus is typical creature fare, but gets shafted in the conclusion and tossed away like a memory. Still, the cheesy moments and straight-forward plot make it at least a fun monster movie.

Jilie L (gb) wrote: a journey to be a grown up..nice movie

Sebastian P (br) wrote: Una de las mejores pera prima que he visto. El inicio es un clsico en el cine. Bastante recomendada el inicio de uno de mis directores contemporneos favoritos.

Marloes G (au) wrote: Not my kind of movie at all.

Brock S (nl) wrote: hip talking motherfucking turkeys.

MF J (br) wrote: Wonderful adaptation and retelling of the Orpheus / Eurydice myth, transposed during the Carnival of Rio Do Janeiro in the late 50's. The film is filled with an impressive musical soundtrack, raw energy and overall feverish vibe leading of the famous carnival. Definitely a great film of world cinema.

Tony H (mx) wrote: I'm pretty sure a middle schooler wrote the script and plot...

Naomi G (de) wrote: I wasn't even born during the AOL internet heyday but apparently the title of this film comes from sound made by the computers of AOL internet users when they receive an email. Emails are very important in this tale of long distance love. The movie would have been much better with someone other than Tom Hanks, though I seem to be in the minority with that opinion because apparently this movie helped propel Hanks career to new heights. I don't know why Hanks seems miscast i You've Got Mail, I've liked some of the other films Hanks has been, I can't place my finger on why he doesn't work in this film.