Mathapoo is an tamil romanti movie direction by Nagaraj. The movie Starring Jeyan, Gayathri, Geetha, Sitharaa, Kitty, Ilavarasu, Renuka, Senji, Udhay, Shankar Guru Raja. Music for Mathappu is composed by K.Velayutham and produced by Sudalaikkan Raja.

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Mathapoo torrent reviews

Cammy T (kr) wrote: This movie ...i can only call it intelligent insanity .....its sad and humourous, violent and sarcastic , dramatic and loving but intelligent soooo intelligent. It crosses so many lines: lines that we should also think about its complex.

Roberto O (ca) wrote: I went to watch the movie after reading the reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, thinking that maybe the screenplay wasn't going to be the best, but that the music would make it up for that. However, the movie is so melodramatic that there is scarcely space to enjoy the music. It's like a Mexican soap opera with classical music in the background.

Suy C (gb) wrote: Nice B movie with James Spader...SciFi Channel...

rebecca B (ca) wrote: very moving storyline one of the best movies

Gloria C (au) wrote: weird movie, but funny, Ellen DeGeneres is really funny in this one. Has a great cast....Patricia Arquette is the main character and is awesome.......

Justin B (ag) wrote: Mildly entertaining 90's B-Movie cheese.

Bev R (us) wrote: Classic ! Love this film

Haytham K (ru) wrote: Great movie. It has humor, romance, intelligence and wit. Loved it!

Joel H (fr) wrote: This film should of got more attention when it came out! Great performances '

Hannah R (au) wrote: I'm sorry if this is cliche, but there are too many attractive men in this movie for its own good.