A grouchy couple are parents to a very sweet girl, Matilda. Unlike her bratty brother and mean parents, Matilda becomes a very sweet and extremely intelligent 6 year old girl, who is very keen to go to school and read books. After a while, her parents send her to school with the worst principal in the world, a very sweet teacher, and good friends. While trying to put up with her parents' and principal's cruelty, she starts to unwittingly unleash telekinetic powers, destroying a television and making a newt fly onto the principal. With enough practice, Matilda starts to learn to control her telekinetic powers and soon using them on her principal so she can drive her away from the school.

The story is about Matilda Wormwood, a 6 year old little girl, loving for reading. Her family never pay any attention to her hobby, only her teacher in the school often encourages and loves her love so much. And then one day she discovers a secret of her own. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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