Esteban and Molly have been married for over twenty years. On a cold morning in June the couple realizes they have hit rock bottom and that their relationship is not what it once was. Marriage examines the different aspects that make a man and a woman click, those moments where a bond can become harder than a rock, but it will also illustrate the downfalls and all the little things that make a relationship worth fighting for. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Matrimonio torrent reviews

Tim k (us) wrote: good for a few laphs

Logan M (us) wrote: It's a tender story that is brought down by boring dialogue and characters who are too distant to be personal.

Brandon W (it) wrote: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is directed by Declan Lowney, and it stars Steve Coogan in a comedy about a radio presenter that wanted to keep his job, so he wanted other people to sack the only person that they wanted to fire, and that is Pat (Colm Meaney) who ended up making a hostage situation by bringing his gun, and only Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) can talk to Pat in order to release the hostages. I reviewed this movie a bit in my early critic hobby, but it was only as a star rating, and not much of a reason why. So I watched it again, and it's around the same rating that I'm giving this. The acting is pretty good as seeing Steve Coogan be the main role is really nice as he does a great job, and Colm Meaney is really good since I don't see him in much these days. The writing is swell as it's written by 5 guys, including main role Steve Coogan, and it has a lot of wit to it that also has funny stuff, although not as much as I wanted there to be. It does a good job of establishing the main character in a film as he's been in a TV series that most of the people in the US won't be familiar with. There are some parts that sort of dragged on, but those are the only flaws I can find as Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is a great film that fans of the TV series won't disappoint while non-fans that know nothing of the series would not be confused.

Ben C (au) wrote: It's disjointed, poorly-written, loaded with plot-holes and absolutely nothing is learned or achieved in the end. Typical Disney sequel.

Jacob1220 (nl) wrote: Sarah M Gellar was sexy in this movie

Viet Phuong N (mx) wrote: A strange compilation of three films with very different themes, tones, and styles - a depressed, psychedelic, and nostalgic "Magnetic Rose" - a chaotic, hilarious, cheerful and head-scratching "Stink Bomb" - and a surreal and deeply allegoric "Cannon Fodder". It is really hard for me to figure out the link between the three, and their link to the common title "Memories" - a line of memories from the operatic classic futuristic past in "Magnetic Rose" to the realistic yet unrealistic punk present in "Stink Bomb" and finally to the past (World War I)-reflecting steampunk/totalitarian/post-apocalyptic future in "Cannon Fodder" perhaps? A strange and very uneven film, luckily enough, still very enjoyable.

Jason D (gb) wrote: Now here's a film that screams over-the-top! The Granny is about a crotchety old grandmother (Stella Stevens, whose fun in this) that absolutely despises most of her family (comprised of sleazy and very greedy people), save for her sympathetic, unattractive (that's how they paint her in this movie!) granddaughter Shannon Whirry (whom I will ALWAYS remember as the chick Jim Carry was titty-sucking in Me, Myself & Irene) who cares for her. A mysterious man (whom the audience is clued in on at the opening of the film) enters to give Granny a secret formula that gives her immortality, but since she doesn't follow the rules, it kills and mutates her into a monster granny that goes on a killing spree whilst shouting whimsical and laughable wisecracks (a la Freddy Krueger). Titties and Gore are abound in this laughable, direct to video movie that is 85 minutes of pure cheesy and corny moments. Though the majority of viewers will not appreciate the silliness of this film, I enjoyed it for what it was worth. Clearly, nobody is taking this film seriously, which allows them to have fun with it, thus making it have a small charm to it. If this were to ever come out on DVD, I'd probably buy it!

Drew H (mx) wrote: She-Ra? Please! Hordak was a bad ass though and that was cool. Enjoyed the old school animation style big time.

James P (fr) wrote: An enjoyable comedy that reunites A Gish Called Wanda's winning team.

scott f (gb) wrote: good story line not enough elvis singing i just wish it could have ended differnty and evlis was great in this

Mad M (ru) wrote: Meh, wasn't really worth finishing. It's a severely watered down prohibition mafia movie.