In order to win the million dollar payoff from a reality show, straight Malcolm Caulfield must convince his friends and family that he will marry a man. Hilarity ensues.

Confusion ensues when, in order to win the million dollar payoff from a reality based TV show, straight Malcolm Caulfield must convince his friends and family that he is going to marry openly gay man Spencer Finch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (br) wrote: I Guess Violence (Guns, Terror, Opression & Racist Segregation) Is Just The Norm In Parts Of The World. An Unexpected Ending Gave This An Unusual Vibe To Terrorism & War That On The News Isn't Often Telling The Entire Story. It's All Very Messed Up & This Has Been Presented Very Well In Light Of That..What An Unfortunate, But Quite Honest Look At Cultural Clashes Going For Thousands Of Years Now. Hrmmm.

Wayne M (nl) wrote: Once again Ken Loach has joined with writer Paul Laverty to produce a vivid and realistic slice of working class Scottish life. This is more comedic than usual Loach fare but it is also hard and heavy in spots to give us a full and rich experience.

Fong K (it) wrote: Its gore, violence and morbid humour are reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino's tales of revenge; and it is a compliment actually. The needlessly long and head-scratching plot however is strenuous to follow.

Rick D (kr) wrote: i love Buscemi. but he is best suited for supporting roles.

Jocey D (es) wrote: Great music. Lots of "history" to cover. Motown revisited. Entertaining to see the fashion and hairstyle changes but even better that female stars triumph.

James A (ca) wrote: Nothing special, yet still enjoyable.

Edison H (it) wrote: Bastante mediocre, nada como la primera.

Ted R (fr) wrote: A gangster musical with kids? Yes; in a fabulous, underrated movie...

Ian G (gb) wrote: The second sequel and in a sense reboot to the acclaimed series of films Planet of the Apes focuses on Cornelius and Zira as they crashland on Taylor's Earth on the 1970's after escaping the explosion of the Earth of the future, to initially find shock and a certain amount of celebrity before as their cultures history starts to be revealed to the US government including their treatment of humans and the eventual destruction, fear and paranoia soon take over as well as the conversation as to whether it is humaine to abort that possible future. The series continues to hit some pretty heady issues for the time and continue to be considered classics of the period.

Jonathan M (es) wrote: A horrible piece of fucking shit.

Gus S (au) wrote: Unique storyline has an alien criminal (from a planet of floating brains) come to earth in hopes of conquering it by inhabiting the body of John Agar. A police brain is close in pursuit as it inhabits the body of a dog. Low budget and limited cast do not effect the film too terribly and it ends up being a fun, cheesy, classic sci-fi picture.

Jiri B (mx) wrote: Scary and very entertaining zombie film. Great special effects and a George Romero timeless classic.

Adam C (fr) wrote: Save your money and your time

Joo P (kr) wrote: Smart, well directed, very well acted, Trumbo maybe not give something new to the biopic genre, but still is a solid drama with a great production and a excellent performance by Bryan Cranston. (4/5)