Matti: Hell Is for Heroes

Matti: Hell Is for Heroes

Four Olympic gold medals, seven World Championship titles, four World Cup tour championships and forty six World Cup circuit victories.Once his career as a professional athlete ended, however, the other side of his personality emerged into public view in all of its vulgarity. An alcohol dependency, several marriages accompanied by numerous marital problems, petty crime, uncontrolled acts of violence, greedy hangers-on… Wherever he roams, drama and catastrophe dog his footsteps. And everything is exposed in the headlines the next day…

A ski jumper descends from winning 4 Olympic Gold Medals, to serving two years for stabbing a relative. Careers as a stripper and singer, plus five marriages, replete with allegations of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike J (nl) wrote: Some decent stories, but nothing special.

Ken T (ru) wrote: It's sad to see a man's career sink this far down. Since the Blade movies, he just can't seem to get a break. At least he is on TV in "B" movie land which is either LMN or SyFy channels. His "B" movie hell just happens to be straight to DVD flicks and not particularly good ones. Basically this movie s about two old action martial arts stars playing rogue CIA agents on the wrong side of each, which eventually leads to the fight we all know is coming. If you got time to kill, this isn't a horrible way to do it...And it ain't the best way either.

Mike M (es) wrote: Though clearly knocked out on a low budget, this is an intriguing and pretty well sustained psychothriller that takes early Cronenberg and (in its final, far-out shapeshifting) the Ken Russell of "Altered States" as its touchstone... The plotting's patchy - where we should, for maximum effect, be locked into the cabbie's psyche, we instead get somewhat superfluous subplots about his suspicious best mate and a bent copper who masturbates over crime-scene photos - and some of the performances are makeshift: Fairbank, the one recognisable face in the cast, appears to be having a laugh in cape and cravat as a professor in paranormal exposition ("I thought I told you to kill your supernature, but it's clear you've done f***-all!"). It's as a moodpiece that "Mindflesh" works best, seeking out muted locations in the capital's stranger nocturnal pockets, and squirreling away enough odd and interesting elements around the margins - pans away to a stuffed suitcase (think: baggage), a Buddhist ex-girlfriend's installation art, a poltergeist seemingly unleashed by cunnilingus - as to grab and (for much of the slender running time) hold the attention. One warning: it also contains maggots. Lots of. In some fairly unusual places.

Dishan L (au) wrote: A sweet romantic movie recommended by my girl a few years ago. Some heartfelt moments present, along with an eye-catching performance by Sanaa Lathan!

Joshua B (br) wrote: A brutal exercise in tedium. The movie itself only runs about an hour and 10 mins. but feels like forever. There's simply not enough story to fill it out, or shots for that matter. You see the same shot at least 10 times a piece. The scarecrows are completely wasted and underused. Skip this snore fest unless you are with a group. Extra half star for the spooky atmosphere and idea to have killer scarecrows.

Wesley J (ca) wrote: This movie nearly turned garbage day into a holiday.

Anath S (ca) wrote: Very touching film, well acted.

AnnaGrace D (es) wrote: cute but doesn't make sense a lot of the time. the humor was good, although definitely directed towards an older audience. I like that they didn't make a dog movie that was either vulgar or sappy.

JohnnyLee T (nl) wrote: Only wished there were more Southern accents! Both actors playing the children were from Alabama - I can hear Jem's accent but not the other characters', especially Atticus's. Were they toned down by the director? Maybe not all Southerners speak like Scarlett O'Hara (as this non-Amweican imagines)!Amazingly, the film captures the aura of the book.Director Mulligan perfectly paces the action and his actors. As case in point, watch Scout's final mesmerising scenes with her father.RIP Harper Lee.

Cha t (gb) wrote: A Great old Ealing Studio comedy, my favorite. The Scots are hysterical but Joan Greenwood is enchanting aa usual.

Luke M (fr) wrote: A lyrical Malick film.

Carl D (fr) wrote: Terrific. Watch this expecting to see a mildly entertaining send-up and you will be absolutely delighted. Some extremely moving moments, a very clever screenplay, and very few dead spots. A gem of a small movie

James R (kr) wrote: An epic Western film!