Mauprat was adapted into a silent film with the same title by French director Jean Epstein in 1926. Luis Buñuel was assistant director on this film; it was his first film credit.

Mauprat was adapted into a silent film with the same title by French director Jean Epstein in 1926. Luis Buñuel was assistant director on this film; it was his first film credit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff N (kr) wrote: I'm a bit speechless as to what I just watched. This movie is the cinematic equivalent of tripping on acid. Starring "The League"'s Mark Duplass, who brings with him his typically bone-dry wit along with a better ability to act than I would have thought, as well as the adorable Elisabeth Moss, "The One I Love" is one of the most unique films about love and relationships that I've ever seen. Though predictable at times, simplistic this movie was not. It's a headscratcher, but it's insane premise keeps you locked in wondering what in the world is going to happen next.

Barbara E (ca) wrote: Love it!! I've watched this movie so many times! So cute and always pulls at the heartstrings. One of my all time favorites.

Johnvie Z (de) wrote: I was 5 or 6 year old when I first watched this. I totally remember this even though I'm 16 year old now...this is a great movie....

Private U (de) wrote: Now that I have read the comments...I HAVE to see this...gotta love crappy movies!

Chun W (de) wrote: Awesome stunts and action. Also contains Hong Kong martial art stars like Yuen Wah and Billy Chow!The stunts are crazy some proper hard full contact hits with slo mo and powder to show. (Spinning hook kicks full speed to the head!)The brutalness of this movie sorta remind me of Ong Bak just the overall look and feel the film had being similar. But this is a very underrated movie, & the stunts still on par since 1987.Also Some very nice acrobatic stunts and flips using the vietnam jungle environment from sammo and yuen biao. In the ambushed fight scene (Pay particualr attention to Yuen Biaos cococut trick, where he flicks up a coconut football style and executes a 540 kick no string he actually hits the coconut! How many takes must that was taken!?)

Ken S (br) wrote: Sidney Lumet brings Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express" to life in this star studded film lead by Albert Finney as her famous detective Hercule Poirot. I liked this adaptation, it served the book (which I have read) quite well. I think it's a fun mystery film, and Finney is quite fun in the lead, despite the fact that I think David Suchet is the ultimate version of Poirot, he does a solid job of bringing the character to life. If you like a classically filmed mystery, you shouldn't be disappointed in a film like this.

rusty a (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies with one of my favorite actors. This is a great family comedy from when movies seemed to be all-around good.

Bonnie S (ag) wrote: i want to see this one

SV G (es) wrote: Very good adaption of Erskine Caldwell's book (who wrote the screenplay too) deals with the poor in the south during the 1930s both in the fields and in the factories, deals with how both poverty and greed can divide a family - actually? deals with quite a bit and the story does become somewhat fragmented at times, however, overall this film from 1958 that stars quite a few TV stars of the 1960s is a worthwhile watch. "..boys you don't understand. It's not about how many dollars you can get from God's little acre; but that you can stand on it, walk on it and feel God IN it." ~ Erskine Calwell

Jiawei H (ag) wrote: Wittingly copied the spirit of the Lampoon to the actual documentary.

Michael G (nl) wrote: Blood Rage is a very underrated 80's slasher with the typical cheesy acting, gratuitous nudity and lots of graphic violence with awesome special make-up effects. I do recommend it for fans of old school horror.