Nisha Verma's relatives wish that she would marry her cousin in order to keep the wealth in the family, but instead, she falls for an unapproved man named Ramesh, who is later accused of murdering her father. Having witnessed her lover at the scene of the crime, Nisha testifies against Ramesh, who's sentenced to death. But she's plagued by questions about why Ramesh was in her house and whether, in fact, he was responsible for her father's death.

Ramesh gets employ as an engineer in a factory own and maintain by the wealthy, Goyal Verma. Goyal has a daughter, Nisha who is of marriage-able age and who also is in love with Ramesh. But... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mawaali torrent reviews

Garrett D (nl) wrote: Pretty good. Took my 4 year old son to see it. It had the typical cartoon action hero feel to parts of it, but with a bit of adult level of sadness that leaves you with a whimsical, yet eerie feeling.

Andreia C (fr) wrote: One of the best scary movies I've seen. All about the story and the scares and immersive original story you go into.

Kerby H (de) wrote: Interesting as ever, Bob Marley's legacy lives on some 30 years after his death. This documentary details his love and dedication to music, and the interviews with his loved ones show his immeasurable impact on everyone around him. Great work.

Rio Y (gb) wrote: wow film senengane sonya iki

Junaid A (nl) wrote: even if it should be called a movie?

Lorne L (kr) wrote: This has one of the most wonderfully surreal intros in movies.

Nur A (au) wrote: serammmm...cant even open me eyes

James C (us) wrote: I'm sure I've seen this with two different endings - one ends in death and destruction for all and the other with a more standard Hollywood outcome. editng by the BBC to fit the time available, maybe? Other than it being absolutely beautiful, and being the very definition of "All-star cast", it's hard to say why I love what could be seen as a slightly schlocky thriller so much. Always get excited when I see it in TV listings though.

jesse k (mx) wrote: This movie has zero redeeming qualities. Boring, stupid. Not funny. Eddie Murphy is not likable. Movie has no nostalgia value. I watched about 2/3 of it and that was IT! For me. I can only takes what I can take, and then I can't takes no more.

David A (br) wrote: Exciting and creepy, Guillermo Del Toro's take on "Blade" is satisfying even though it has its own fault like plot holes, uncaring characters, and a story that almost resembles the first. Still, it brings enough creepiness factor and a few awesome action sequences to keep us invested throughout the film. Snipes will always be the best Blade.

Jef C (de) wrote: Clever at times and often hilarious, this is still the funniest, most quotable movie ever in my book.

Tim M (it) wrote: Early in "Finding Vivian Maier" the man who uncovered her photos said he was a bit obsessive compulsive and thank goodness! John Maloof's OCD showcased a mysterious eccentric soul through sheer will and hard work. Maloof manages however to not make this film about him, which must have been difficult as he is the reason we're sitting here talking about a ghost. Mayre prided herself as being as invisible in life as we are in death. What we learn is life is three dimensional. Just because we see a person in front of us dosn't mean we know anything about them.Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2014 Academy Awards, we find Maier was a pack rat who saved everything and more importantly she was a photographic artist who also took pictures of everything, when taking pictures wasn't cool. How Maloof unearths info and puts it together is as interesting as Maier's life itself.