Max and Moritz Reloaded

Max and Moritz Reloaded


ax and Moritz are two young brothers living an adventurous life of petty crime in Hamburg, Germany. After the two boys steal a car and get into an accident, with the adolescent daughter of a Hamburg Senator sitting in the passenger seat, the two scoundrels are packed up and sent to a boot camp. This military-style camp is run by Axel and Henry, two former East German soldiers who still strongly believe in Communism but are secretly gay lovers. Max and Moritz steal another car...a red Ferrari owned by small-town pimp Murder-Hanne. The nationalistic sadist teaches the boys a painful lesson, but Max and Moritz wouldn’t be Max and Moritz if they let this weekend-fascist get them down... and when they acquire the key to their military school’s ordinance depot, things start to change. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Bradley W (es) wrote: One of Pixars funniest shorts

Jens S (it) wrote: Hysterically funny British comedy about a funeral going wrong thanks to LSD pills, a grumpy wheel chair user, a hypochondriac and a blackmailing midget. Directed by "Yoda" Frank Oz, it combines all the known features of black and politically incorrect British humor. While it starts out somewhat slow and regular, the film burns a real firework of gags in the second half, culminating in one of the funniest and most wonderfully awkward scenes ever. The acting is accordingly excellent, with Brits either trying to keep their composure or losing it altogether. Go see this and you'll laugh tears like I did.

Thrse F (nl) wrote: Not at all interested

Cody B (es) wrote: +1 stars for Matrix reference. Also, family.

Alex V (de) wrote: This movie will give you psychological paper cuts

James C (mx) wrote: When series of women are brutally killed in a wintery Alaskan town, the FB| are called in to solve the case. But is it possible that a member of the town's community knows more about the slayings then he is letting on?This is another example of how enjoyable black comedies can be when they are made well. Malcolm McDowell plays the title role with his usual quiet mania, and the rest of the small cast all play the dark humour and pathos excellently. The story is not original and has a few holes in it, but the viewer can happily wave these away as the cast all play the mix of dark humor, pathos and slight oddness excellently, and compliment the setting of the small town in the middle of nowhere perfectly. The lack of any on-screen killing and gore is no great loss, as it adds to the whole sense of "did he do it or not". The only gripe I have is the ending feels a little rushed and certain things are not explained particularly well. All in all this is a good little black comedy that had me giggling in places and I would recommend you check it out.

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