Max Ernst: Mein Vagabundieren - Meine Unruhe

Max Ernst: Mein Vagabundieren - Meine Unruhe


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Max Ernst: Mein Vagabundieren - Meine Unruhe torrent reviews

Gwen H (nl) wrote: very pleasant film in the way movies used to be long ago. Well written, gentle,warm story.

Lee M (fr) wrote: Two Irish wedding receptions colliding in the same hotel isn't a bad idea for a comedy, but Stephen Burke's feature doesn't even clear the hurdles of basic competence.

Jerry K (au) wrote: This is a unique film. It unfolds as a crime drama, but it also explores very clearly and concisely the history and politics of Taiwan. Formosa Betrayed is inspired by the real-life murders of two Americans, Carnegie Mellon professor Chen Wen-Chen and journalist Henry Liu. The film is especially timely, with the continuing emergence of China as a nondemocratic world power that threatens to invade democratic Taiwan, and the ambiguous role of the United States in these issues. The relations between the three countries are important in the world. It was intriguing to see the dude from Dawson's Creek in a film about Taiwan. But James Van Der Beek does a good job as the naive American who enters a foreign culture and finds himself in way over his head. Will Tiao is great as a humble native who just wants to see the right thing done for his people. There were quite a few flashback transitions at the beginning of the film and they felt a little awkward. There was a lot of shifting between scenes across the US, Taiwan, and the overall timeline of the story. It might have been better for story flow to have one flashback to all of the US scenes, and then return to Taiwan for the rest of the film. The politics in the film are legit. As a young kid growing up in the 1980s, I had heard about stuff like 228, and how it was a taboo subject over in Taiwan, which had an authoritarian government at the time. Only outside of Taiwan was the massacre talked about openly. And even then, you still had to watch your back. Also, I recall hearing about how joining Taiwanese-American social organizations in the US was considered risky by a number of Taiwanese immigrants, for fear of government reprisals against family members back in Taiwan. Formosa Betrayed is a relevant film. It shows how those in power often don't care at all about people, about improving the world, and about doing the right thing. Instead, those in power just want the perks of their own positions. Very importantly, the film questions our role as Americans in the world. Are we true protectors of freedom and the oppressed in the world? Or would we rather ignore the little guy who is getting stomped on, and make friends with bullies who play us and suck up to us?

Steven A (ca) wrote: Don't waste your time

Raj S (ca) wrote: A poor mans Cape Fear

Matthew G (kr) wrote: Mostly just boring. Certainly not as good as I remember.

Ashley R (fr) wrote: awsome movie. very tuching. it has comodyu and sadness and it was just awsome

Craig W (br) wrote: A classic piece of cinematic history.

Alejandro E (kr) wrote: Con tres aos de diferencia de Peloton tiene el mismo tono dramatico y de reflexion sobre la Guerra de Vietnam. Se aprecia sobre todo por un Tom Cruise contenido y maduro.

Charles B (mx) wrote: It sucked big time. I like Willie Nelson, but he was openly 'pandering' to race issues, such as the mistreatment of Native Americans, which does not fit with the Sentiment of the late 19th Century. Get your liberal agendas in here.

Fred L (gb) wrote: GREAT MOVIE - seems a bit strange at first and drags a bit but it's great

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