Max Havoc: Ring of Fire

Max Havoc: Ring of Fire

Max, having forsaken his life as a former world kick-boxing champion to redefine himself as a world class photographer, is on his way to photograph top tennis star and athlete Suzy Blaine. While on assignment, Max uncovers a crime ring and relies on his skills as a martial artist to set the situation straight.

Max, having forsaken his life as a former world kick-boxing champion to redefine himself as a world class photographer, is on his way to photograph top tennis star and athlete Suzy Blaine. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rhynal R (kr) wrote: This movie wasn't watched by choice, and for good reason. I was forced to look at it on a bus ride up and well, I figured I should review it in order to ensure that you stay away from it.This movie is terrible; extremely terrible. The plot; Lord. Basically, it's a boy and a girl who make a promise when they're about to leave college that if in 10 years they aren't seeing someone, they'd get married. It's a 'been there, done that' plot, but it's executed so terribly that it was unbearable. The journey of the main character is really superficial and his narrating voice is flat and non-sensical. To be honest I don't even want to get into this review that much because of all the flaws I can list. Let me just say that the plot is terrible, the actors cannot act and the resolution was ridiculous. Do not watch. 1/10 The movie only gets 1 because Hayley Duff is pretty. That is all.

Reini U (it) wrote: It reminded too much on the excellent "The Heart of Jenin" documentary. Other than that it's an excellent story of course, without stupifying drama.

Cassandra T (au) wrote: If Phil Ochs had not, out of despair and in an alcoholic haze, offed himself at 35, he might do it today. Little, for the good, has changed; the war machine is more powerful than ever! I wish Mike Malloy would play Ochs as bumper music; he is certainly relevant today!

Yon C (mx) wrote: A must see for anyone. I always believed we needed education reform but really believe in the need now.

Kali H (gb) wrote: You are what you eat. True story.

Tawseef R (de) wrote: very very poor screenplay and cinematography... it's really an insult to the legend of Goldfield... it should have been a much higher budget movie with some cast who can at least act, not make a joke of acting! special effects looked like a prehistoric video game...:-S very lame one friends... if you wanna get some real taste of horror then go for The Blair Witch Project...

Eric R (fr) wrote: Heidi is a young, pretty teenager who is forced to leave the home she grew up in after she is caught making out with her mother's boyfriend. Young and naive, she travels to Jinabyne where meets Joe, a nice guy, who Heidi forms a bond with. After searching she finds a job at a local gas station, but as her relationship with Joe, really the only person she can confide in, deteriorates, Heidi's emotional state begins to break down. SomerSault is a fresh, intimate coming of age story that deeply explores the emotional state of this young woman. The film is well photographed really capturing the cold, stale state of Heidi's emotion and using the landscapes and weather of Jinabyne perfectly. It really creates a strong atmosphere. Abbie Cornish really does give a strong performance as the tragically naive Heidi, whose fragility is very truthful and raw. The film does have a few too many subplots more my taste and could have been even stronger if it solely focused on Heidi. The relationship between Heidi and Joe is a strong one, in that it's not perfect and both characters have lots of flaws and issues. The only real problem I had with the film was that some of the subplots took up too much time and didn't really help to drive the story between Heidi and Joe.

Deep P (us) wrote: After one and half hour, you might think you saw almost nothing, but you will feel that you actually lived with a group of kids and a single room teacher in France. It's humble, simple and pure at its core.

Terri H (nl) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Charles P (nl) wrote: Beyond Borders means well, but its treatment of the humanitarian projects as the framework for a love story is self-righteous and manipulative.

Julie M (br) wrote: made me drive out to New Waterford

rur B (mx) wrote: It has the best lesbo scene ever shot, and it's loaded with excitement all the way.

G Thomas B (au) wrote: Like watching a two hour beer commercial.

Jason D (mx) wrote: Return to Horror High is one of those rare 80's horror films that completely missed the mark and now serves as one of the few eyesores from that decade yet still shares similar notoriety as its peers thanks to some of it's cast. The story concerns Crippen High School, where a mysterious serial killer murdered people and caused severe panic in the small community. Now, a few years later, movie company Cosmic Pictures and slimy producer Harry Sleerik (famed TV actor Alex Rocco) are filming a movie based on the events that took place there, but are severely changing up the story and using many of the actual people involved in the incident. It's no surprise that the murderer pops back up and continues his reign of terror amongst the film crew. Don't be fooled by the synopsis, this is actually a slapstick horror comedy, which fails miserably as nearly all the jokes fall flat on their face. Even though it's meant to be campy and silly, even the story structure seems stilted and confusing to watch at times. There's a small bit of gore and a couple of decent "kills", but they aren't enough to redeem this relatively yawn-fest that is so painfully unfunny. The notoriety in question is the inclusion of George Clooney in a very early role, whose shamefully top-billed in this film, but is barely in it only a few minutes. Also popping up is Marcia Brady herself, Maureen McCormick, as an officer at the scene of the bloodshed. Granted, I've consistently argued that the 80's was THE best decade for horror films, but it wasn't without a few duds here and there. Return to Horror High is definitely one of them.

Joshua D (kr) wrote: i was about to say "this movie better have at least gotten an oscar nod or else if i were alive in 1983, i'd've boycotted the oscars. luckily it did and it won best picture. the themes of life and a countless number of other themes in this film make it, dare i say, "endearing."

Brad G (us) wrote: A very squirmy Albert Brooks comedy (is there any other kind?) depicting the tumultuous relationship between a Hollywood editor and his way-too-hot for him girlfriend. The script is excellent and incredibly engaging in the sense that every five seconds I'm shouting at the screen for this couple to "Break The Hell Up!" but at the end of the day even smart romantic (?) comedies hold very little appeal. My favorite segments of the film revolve around Brooks' day job, cutting scenes of a Cormanesque space picture starring George Kennedy and directed by Simpsons' guru James L Brooks. VF.

Trevor P (it) wrote: Goblet of Fire triumphs in the way it resonates with all sorts of teen problems, primarily dating relationships. It's equally as enjoyable to see the spectacle of the Triwizard Tournament, ranging from the glamorous (Beauxbatons) to the spooky (Black Lake) to the disturbing (Mad-Eye Moody). But I got to say that of all the films, this by far has the most unbearable acting, with no thanks to David Tennant or Robert Pattinson .

Phil L (ag) wrote: Civil rights movement in Selma Alabama 1965

Greg W (ru) wrote: reel good blaxploitation pic

Robert B (br) wrote: low budget.,bad plot.,less than average acting performances.,.,thats 85 minutes I will never get back.,