Max Headroom

Max Headroom

The film introduces Edison Carter (Matt Frewer), a television reporter trying to expose corruption and greed. In the movie, reporter Carter discovers that his employer, Network 23, has created a new form of subliminal advertising (termed "blip-verts") that can be fatal to certain viewers.

In the dystopic near future, a crusading TV reporter investigates news stories with the help of a wisecracking computer version of himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ugi S (mx) wrote: "Coldwater" has a potential concept, it could be a such remarkable prison thriller-drama film if it keeps tension and dark atmosphere deeper and develop it more and more until being like a time bomb. In fact, the tension comes immediately and makes the plot little bit confusing and dropped instantaneously at the ending. However, "Coldwater" still gives us an interesting stuff to watch.

Maddy C (de) wrote: Another coming-of-age film that makes you reflect on your own childhood. Kings of Summer will make you laugh but will also make you cringe. The naivety of these boys is charming especially when you mix heat with hormones. A good watch but not one that will stay with you for years afterwards.

Andy S (au) wrote: I was pleasantly drawn into this film, and although the comparisons between 'Taken' by others may be true. I found Van Damme's character a little more believable. Who knows, with another director, this film could have been the blockbuster to rejuvenate Van Damme's career.

Jacqueline S (us) wrote: Such an amazing cast! You really feel for each and every character by the end of the film. Toby Regbo is relatable and graceful in his portrayal of James Sveck, I can't wait to see what he does next!

Kenan I (nl) wrote: This f*cking family destroying propaganda bullsh*t

Mihir D (kr) wrote: A pretty decent watch. Gubbare, Pooranmashi, Matrimony, Rice Plate are the best..this is what a short story should be like, one track, leading to something totally unexpected.Strangers in the Night, another good one whereas the rest are just crap.

Grant K (es) wrote: Excellent satire with a hilarious performance from Henry Rollins. One of the best horrors in years.

Adil E (ca) wrote: While I'd love to see a story about Mas Oyama - this isn't it and the fight scenes which should have been grounded in reality are all wire-fu. The whole film just feels fake.

Samuel H (jp) wrote: Heartbreaking. Everyone who's over 20 understands what these kids have gone through when they lose a dream. Certainly worth a watch. Not a masterpiece though. Very depressing.

Spookie M (br) wrote: Delightfully bad Italian fantasy.

Scott C (es) wrote: Perhaps I should give this another chance, now that I'm British and all.

Al M (jp) wrote: A solid, stylish little giallo that features some genuinely gruesome and original death scenes. A twisting plot keeps you guessing and the murders always provide new shocks and thrills. Not a classic of the genre, but still a decent entry.

Chris W (jp) wrote: I may be over inflating the rating by just a bit (maybe a half-star too many), but this movie, or better yet, collection of five related vignettes really got to be on a deep level. This ended up being the perfect movie for a stay at home dinner/movie date. The connection between the five stories is that they all take place on the same night in five different cities around the world, and each story looks at the interaction between a cabbie and their passenger(s). In the end, this becomes a connection of character studies, of life itself, and how it seems that only at night are people truly open with their words and feelings. It's quirky, funny (at times down right hilarious), and ultimately moving and heartfelt. Check this one out. Unlike Rachel Getting Married (among others), this is an indie film that doesn't suck.

Isadore H (de) wrote: Maybe a little worse than the first one, but the crew made great use of the location that the victims of Jigsaw are trapped in. The acting is just a middling as the first, but the villain is shown with a lot more dialogue and he nails it pretty well. Overall, less interesting than the first, but it still does a good job of being a solid 'gruesome horror' flick without falling into torture porn category