Max mon amour

Max mon amour

A married French woman takes a zoo chimp named Max to be her lover.

A French wife takes a zoo chimp named Max to be her lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lisa J (nl) wrote: Really good! Something different.

Thomas T (ca) wrote: Such an amazing superhero film that I can still visualize from my childhood, and would have that same visualization watching it today.

Graham B (us) wrote: It was ok. Would not watch again. A little nasty at times.

Heather N (au) wrote: Second fav IMAX movie!

Marco F (jp) wrote: As non-sensical as it is, this movie is very entertaining.

Darryl C (au) wrote: hepburn, who is so famous for playing strident, brash women gave a change of pace performance in this nice, tight little drama from rko. not only is she beaming in the lead, frank albertson is a rakish, sexy delight as her slacker brother, hattie mcdaniel is a nightmare of a maid and fred mcmurray is drop dead handsome as alice adams' white knight.

Kenneth S (de) wrote: Passe morsom komedie om raske penger gjennom bowling..Har endel gode latterkuler i seg, og kan trygt sees =)

M D (au) wrote: Another Griffith film starring Lillian Gish, this time as an orphan who vows to care for her blind sister. A more conventional film used as means to help pay the bills for past box office disasters.

Janine A (es) wrote: This is quite possibly the worst movie ever made...

Peyton G (us) wrote: A movie that inspires. You can watch this movie an unlimited amount of times and you will still love it.

Omar E (us) wrote: bit sad but inspiring

Hope D (us) wrote: I thought it was a great movie and not to preachy and well thought