May 18

May 18

The citizens of Gwangju lead a relatively peaceful life, until one day the military takes over the city, accusing the residents of conspiracy and claiming that they are communist sympathisers preparing a revolution against the current government. Seeing as the soldiers beat defenceless people, mainly students, to death, the citizens are in for retaliation and form a militia.

The story of events leading up to the 1980 Gwangju massacre in South Korea when thousands of students and protesters were killed by armed troops during an anti-government demonstration. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lasse C (us) wrote: So blatantly a B-movie that you can only love it. The characters are flat, their progression is predictable and the story has been told a million times before but it still damn entertaining.

Shani T (us) wrote: Not scary, badly done, don't bother unless you want to see some nekked nipples.

Narges M (ag) wrote: Creative directing and good cinematography. The characters are believable and portrayed beautifully by the strong cast. And the soundtrack is just great. On the other hand I think the movie is too detailed for its run and it lacks a certain spark to make everything make sense! So it's only an alright movie though it had the potential to be a great one.

Tommy H (it) wrote: Much better than it deserves to be because of the excellent death scenes. It's the kind of movie that encourages you to laugh with it instead of laughing at it.

Ryan C (fr) wrote: Slow, no chemistry and predictable storytelling make "I Spy" an "eye sore."

Eric H (es) wrote: This film has two of the greatest music icons in the history of the world in it. I am talking about Joe Strummer (of the Clash and Mescaleros) and Shane MacGowan (of the Pogues and Popes). So in that regard, you have to give it a 10. However, if you are not a Clash or Pogues fan, you will most likely think this film sucks! Why? Because the film sucks. But wait a minute, you just said that you have to give it a 10? Right (voice in head), I did say that and I did give it a 10. Because Joe Strummer and Shane MacGowan are my two favorite musicians of all-time. So, they earn this thing a 10. Now, you raise a good question (voice in head), what if Strummer and MacGowan were not in this film? Well, I would probably give it a 1. Oh yeah, the story. Some people rob a bank and then go to hide out in this strange and isolated city in the Spanish countryside. There are violent and weird people that live there. So staying alive and holding on to the money will be difficult. Did I mention that this film has Joe Strummer and Shane MacGowan in it? Yeah, I gave it a 10, but, it really wasn't a know what I am getting at?

Chris W (fr) wrote: Not Oliver Stone's first film, but definitely the first to really show the direction his career would be taking (politically charged, hauntingly dramatic, very strong sense of vision and message). And, this was released the same year as his landmark Platoon, so 1986 was one great year for him.Another thing about this movie that would become a Stone trademark is that it's based on actual events, with the script co-written by Stone and the subject of the film, in this case journalist Richard Boyle and his exploits in civil war torn El Salvador in the 1980s.Boyle was basically a washed up sleazy gonzo journalist who, ever the opportunist, decided to go to El Salvador (well, return as it were) to make a quick buck getting photos of the tumultuous uprising going on. Along for the ride is his friend the American DJ Dr. Rock, who, like many from the U.S. was initially ignorant of what was going on. As the things they see and experience get more harrowing and brutal though, Boyle becomes enlightened and rather than just be there to cash in on thigns, becomes a crusader who regains his lost soul and humanity. The film is really gritty and sometimes ugly, but it fits the subject matter perfectly. There's some great cinematography here, and the location shooting really helps, too. The great about this film is that Boyle is not really all that likeable of a guy. He's sleazy, opportunistic, and hedonistic, but he's still a fascinating guy, so that's what makes the film watchable. Plus, he does grow and change and earn the audience's care. James Woods really shines here as Boyle, and his Oscar nomination was much deserved. This is the second film I've watched recently with James Belushi in a dramatic role, and this one really cements my belief that he's a talent that has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. He's great as Dr. Rock, and seeing him and Woods together is quite reminiscent of a less zonkeed out Hunter S. Thompson sort of tale. I'll admit that I really wasn't too familair with Boyle, or the situation in El Salvador. Sure, I've heard of it, but prior ot seeing this I couldn't really tell you anything about it. Basically the U.S. supplied military aid to the country to help root out the spread of communism, but the tactics used by the anti-communists were so brutal and vile that they pretty much reflected the actions of those they were trying to defeat. It's bitterly ironic, and some very compelling material, especially when you have these two down and out gringos swept up in the middle of things.Stone can be a very challenging filmmaker with some tough films. This is one of those, but it also is rather accessbile. It does help to have a strong stomach though, and to be able to handle a lead that isn't usually all that likeable. If you can do that, then this will be a good film to give a watch.

Private U (gb) wrote: billy wilder: il dio del cinema

Mitchell B (it) wrote: For its time, this is an impressive movie version of the iconic television show.

Carl S (ca) wrote: I LOVE THIS FILM. So much funny characters, funny jokes, great graphics, a clever plot & plus.............DONKEY!! 10 out of 10 stars.

Laura H (ca) wrote: The Rock hits people with a 2x4.