May In The Summer

May In The Summer

A bride-to-be is forced to reevaluate her life when she reunites with her family in Jordan and finds herself confronted with the aftermath of her parents’ divorce.

May was a writer at the height of inspiration. She was getting married so she had to put aside everything to return home. Landscape was old but people were not old, she felt strange between thoughts and actions of people, lost even in her own family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David K (es) wrote: At times it feels faked, but you decide. It still delivers a clear message and excellent social history content.

Anahid B (it) wrote: Interesting movie...pretty sad too. Kind of cool seeing Jodi Foster & the others in their younger days. I wasn't all that into the movie but for some odd reason ended up watching the whole thing.

Andrew T (gb) wrote: Far better and more developed than its exploitation reputation would suggest.

Jason R (gb) wrote: The most striking thing about this film, as far as I'm concerned, is its narrative insistence on the rule of law. In fact, a character we know to be guilty of murder is allowed to escape because the hero refuses the verdict of a frontier kangaroo court. The style is conventional classical Hollywood, though the landscapes are sensitively rendered and the Technicolor is, as always, beautiful. But this film has me wondering about something else: do we wax nostalgic about this period in American filmmaking because we think its average films--films like "Canyon Passage"--are superior to the average films of other periods? I think this argument is at the heart of the "genius of the system" notion, but I'm not sure I buy it. Is a decent Tourneur picture notably better than a decent Lumet, or Ridley Scott? I suppose there's a certain amount of guaranteed professionalism that lasts from the late 30s through the early 50s in Hollywood, but there's also, perhaps, a greater quantity of mediocrity. After all, what motivation did Hollywood have to make films better? The real genius of the system was to turn a profit, consistently, on disposable products, movies that time forgot almost immediately. "Canyon Passage" is better than that, but it's also firmly in the meaty part of the curve.

Randy B (br) wrote: Okay, only 19 years behind in watching this "epic" film. A 3 hour movie that should be 90 mins; cheesy; 1/2 love story - 1/4 business - 1/4 spiritual film, which means nearly a chick-flick. Hopkins, as always, nails his role. Pitt and Forlani are also wonderful. It's the story that has weakness and gaps. The ending is, by many, questionable and undone.

Maria Z (au) wrote: Quite a romantic, fairy tale style drama. Definately not what I was expecting to watch since it`s not a movie about Gere`s disease, but on the other hand this disease can`t help you focus on the love story part... It`s a bit in the middle and that I didn`t like...

Tom E (jp) wrote: A nice reminder people are people underneath the shitbagginess.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Isolated horror and a chilling situation possibly influenced by 'Funny Games' with which it has similarities. There's not a huge amount to technique in the directing to create the scares as they are born out of the situation naturally.

Tyler G (mx) wrote: This movie is best if you watch it with the sound off and listen to the David Grisman Christmas Album instead.

Chris P (br) wrote: Morgan Freeman as a bad*ss killer pimp who drinks chocolate yoohoo! Hell yeah! Oscar nomination, baby!