May Morning

May Morning

In a changing world a young Italian enrols at Oxford and finds i is him they are out to change.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A dramatic and penetrating examination of the intellectual and moral standards existing at Oxford University, England, in the early 1970s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis L (mx) wrote: Charlene Choi is as endearing as ever. Unfortunately, after ten years, Ekin Cheng's acting has become too stiff.

Chris L (de) wrote: This is like the most violent buddy cop movie ever. The two main leads work well together, Kellan Lutz really does seem like a star in the making. This suffers technically from being an independent production (editing is bad, sound is poor, some scenes are shot so dark it's hard to tell what's happening). If you can get past the violence you'll shrug, leave the theater and probably forget it ever happened.

Scott M (fr) wrote: A story about a free black man who is kidnapped and re-sold into slavery during the mid 1800's. Really well acted. But I thought the story was a bit dull. I've seen this before in better movies. It needed a lot more for me to care about.

Courtney D (us) wrote: Positive: It held my interest. Negative: The plot twist wasn't anything clever but rather silly.

Private U (de) wrote: If you wanted a villa holiday in Tuscany this summer and didn't have time, go to this film and by the end you will feel you have spent a fortnight there. Joanna Hogg has created an upper-middle class version of a Mike Leigh film at his slowest. It's beautifully done, and the fortnight is mostly enjoyable, unless you squirm at the sight of drunken Brits abroad or the sound of the upper-middle classes (I developed a thick skin for both of these a long time ago, myself). The characterisation is subtle, verging on invisible. There's very little intellectual content or sparkling conversation, surely unrealistic in a film about the chattering classes? Perhaps it's the prodigious amount of alcohol that's consumed. All this keeps the focus on Anna, on holiday from her unhappy situation at home, and the cheerfully pie-eyed teenagers that she hangs out with. The movie was very thin on plot, yet there did seem to be inconsistencies on the departure date for some of the party. I doubt I'll watch it again to check this though; once is nice, but enough.

Lisa W (gb) wrote: Slow. We watched it to prep for when we see the author at UIS on Friday night.

Morten A (ag) wrote: The Ring (Ringu) is the movie that put asian horror on the map. This movie is even better in some parts. Don't miss this movie!

Sini R (br) wrote: Not my cup of tea. No no no.

Alex r (de) wrote: Dahmer is an effective and disturbing, horrifying character study on serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer . Casting a then unknown Jeremy Renner in the lead role. In terms of the psycho horror genre, Dahmer is a fine example of a film that uses a true story, which makes it that much disturbing to shock and horrify its viewers. Renner is terrific in the lead, and you can clearly see hints of his talents that would define his career in later films. The story is engaging, but like I said, this film is a disturbing pierce of work, one that will probably satisfy specific fans of the genre, but it also may divide many as well. Despite this, I think that the film is worth seeing due to Jeremy Renner's memorable performance. Psycho horror films are interesting due to the fact that they always seem to uncover the darkest of the human mind. Dahmer is exactly that, an exercise in madness, one that is constantly unnerving and horrifying from start to finish. The story is simple, but effective in terms of sheer terror due to the fact that Jeffrey Dahmer's crimes are horrifying in nature, and that he was one of the most infamous of all American serial killers. True life horror stories are more interesting due to the fact that, it's not about monsters and other ghouls creating the terror, its real life psychos that provide the real terror, and are more frightening than any horror film combined. Though not a great film, Dahmer is a film that relies on a strong lead performance to really make the film standout above its limitations.

Hvard P (es) wrote: Albert Pyun is one of the worst filmmakers EVER!!!

Bradley F (ca) wrote: Color of Night is sort of like watching a film directed and written by Tommy Wiseau. There are a lot of awkward and unintentionally funny scenes in this film. It's honestly hard to describe anything without grinning from ear to ear. The acting, writing and directing is so horrendously bad and yet good. Let's look at this insane case called "Color of Night". Bill Capa (Bruce Willis) is a psychiatrist who has suffered the traumatic event of one of his patients jumping out of his office window. This leads him to go visit his other therapist friend in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this friend ends up getting murdered. I would describe the rest of the plot, but I just can't. Why? Two reasons: Firstly we would be here all day. What doesn't happen in this movie? Car chases, lovemaking, dual identities, general insanity and some more lovemaking. Secondly, I don't think even the movie itself knows what it wants to do and what it wants to be. There are times when the whole Murder Mystery thing is completely forgotten because the film got caught up with something else. I would say the film shows signs of multiple personality Disorder. The acting and Dialogue in Color of Night is the main highlight. Anything that is said by Detective Martinez usually gets a laugh. Lesley Ann Warren is wonderfully over the top and of course Jane March as a young man is hilariously bad. However, Bruce Willis offers nothing to this movie at all. He really doesn't want to have campy fun with his role and because of that resistance he fails the hardest here. But I will say this: he knows how to have sex on camera. Seriously, his sex scenes with Jane March (as a woman of course) are just a treat to watch. The only time I believe these two have any connection as a couple is when they're butt naked doing it like Rabbits. I might sound like a Perv saying that but it's really true. I really wish this movie had more laughs and more focus though. There are a long stretches of boring and unneeded things. This movie doesn't know just how incompetent it is Therefore, it tries it's hand at character development mostly with the crew of psychotics Willis is in charge of. With the exception of Lesley Ann Warren, I find none of these insane people that interesting. Yeah, Brad Dourif is kind of funny but his character is still dry as hell. Maybe if the screenwriters had more fun the audience would. Here is my "Final Analysis" (wink) on Color of Night. It has a mixture of both Bipolar Disorder and Paranoid Schizophrenia. It's an insane and unintentionally hilarious piece of S*it. Let me put it this way, as a Mystery/Drama it fails. As a Comedy, it rules!

Daniel P (ru) wrote: "I'd give my life to be dead!"

Tim S (mx) wrote: Equus is based on the stage play of the same name by author Peter Shaffer (who also wrote the screenplay).The film tells the story of a young man who becomes so obsessed with horses that he cares for that he ultimately becomes sick in his mind and brings the horses to harm, purposefully blinding six of them. It's the duty of a rather unhappy psychiatrist to try and understand why the young man did what he did and if he can help him. I can't say that I've ever seen the stage version of this story, so I can't really attest to what the major differences between the two would be. My only real discrepancy with the film is its length. It goes on far longer than it needs to. But to be completely truthful, I was feeling a bit indifferent towards it while watching it. The main thing that I enjoyed about the film is how wonderfully it was shot, thanks in no small part to director of photography Oswald Morris. The performances are very good and the story has merit to it, but the main draw of the film is its visuals, at least to me.

Rith C (nl) wrote: I find Rocky Horror and its lesser-known counterpart Shock Treatment to be huge statements on the world we live in, except it displays the similar themes in exact opposite ways of each other and in different realities altogether (so stop labelling it a sequel because it most certainly isn't. You have to separate them completely). I enjoyed the minor details, like how Brad and Janet's roles in their relationship are exactly flipped, and the nod to Magenta and RiffRaff that Cosmo and Nation give, as two actors who are in a romantic relationship together off-set and play siblings on-set. Shock Treatment which is a more serious film in appearance makes the same statements about individuality except in reverse. It shows us this perfect yet extremely literal version of the world we live in today, filmed 30 years in the past, where EVERYTHING is centered around the media and television. Knowing that, Shock Treatment would probably have done 10 times better if it wasn't connected to Rocky Horror and it was released a decade or two later with updated everything. Sometimes it's even incredibly difficult to figure out what is a television program and what is the reality of what is happening. Sometimes it's both. The more I watched it, the more I noticed surrounding this concept. Honestly, by the time I watched this film during my obsession with Rocky Horror I found the music from Shock Treatment to actually be better, yet both enjoyable in their own ways.

Frank J (br) wrote: Grace is Gone ne nous laisse mme pas le temps de nous attacher aux protagonistes de l'histoire que l'lment dclencheur se met dj en branle la cinquime minute du film. Consquence? 90 minutes assister une tentative de reprise de got en la vie qui parvient peine nous intresser tant tout est garroch rapidement dans l'iris du spectateur. On aurait presque pu rajouter une grosse demi-heure de dpart pour instaurer la situation initiale et pour nous apprendre apprcier les personnages principaux.Bref, c'est rare qu'on peut dire a, mais c'est un film qui mritait sacrment d'tre rallong pour esprer obtenir un meilleur rsultat sentimental auprs de son auditoire.Car je ne suis pas une roche et je n'ai pas pleur.

Amanda H (kr) wrote: Gun action from start to finish