Nanda (Revathi) is in love with a leading architect Narendaran (Mohan Lal), both of whom are in Bangalore. While they are talking on top of a building Narendran slips and falls down dying instantly. Nanda escorts the corpse to his homeland in Kerala. To her surprise she sees Narendran's twin brother Unni (Mohan Lal), who looks exactly like Narendran. She thinks Narendran is not dead and everyone is trying to fool her. Narendran's parents want Nanda to marry Unni but he is already in love with Bhadra (Shobana).

A frustrated housewife whose marriage to an average man does not meet her expectations enters into an affair with a younger man. Of course, there are no easy escapes from reality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ossi T (mx) wrote: Sympaattinen ja yllttvn kaurismkelinen elokuva. Tykksin tosi paljon tunnelmasta, miinuksia geneerisest musiikista joka alka rsytt elokuvan loppuun menness.

Jeff H (gb) wrote: If you looking for a goofy campy horror movie this may be it. I am not familiar with Herschell Gordon Lewis. Most people who know who he is(like stopitgoaway) seem to be huge fans. The gore is done with humor and it would be a good movie to watch with a group. I probally would have liked it better if I saw it when I was younger like when I saw Evil Dead for the first time.

Cain L (kr) wrote: Captivating, jaring, and great action scenes, but love triangle doesn't seem right for this film.

Christopher H (ru) wrote: In the annals of romantic drama films, "Here on Earth" is a slightly watered down, mildly acting-challenged film. I do enjoy Chris Klein, Josh Hartnett, and Leelee Sobieski in their parts, but they just do not come off as sincere and noteworthy than say Shane West and Mandy Moore, or Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The ending is a bit laughable (a knee injury that becomes life threatening), but overall, I believe people get out of the film what they need. Where is Nicholas Sparks when you need him?

Samantha M (jp) wrote: I have to rewatch the movie before I can rate it.

Sarfara A (us) wrote: Stir Crazy comedy film Starring: Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor Gene and Richard leave New York in search for job but end up in prison receiving 125 years sentence; having being framed for bank-robbery. Nothing special in the beginning, sometime you should feel dizzy - but thanks to later half of the movie that grips the plot throwing jokes after jokes. A good film to pass Friday night.

Benedict H (au) wrote: An interesting, incendiary exercise in pseudo-documentary which possibly pushes the boundaries of what could and should be acheived with the medium. Watkins places individuals on both sides of the fence in a potentially dangerous situation and seems to lose control of the project towards the end. An indispensable document of it's time.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: The movie teases us with Charles Bronson riding a machine gun-equipped dirt bike while firing LAWs at terrorists, only to completely blue-ball us by cutting short a potentially amazing dune buggy chase. One star for the dirtbike, and one star for the completely skin-eatingly insane sequence involving "Indian Joe" and his hatred of foreigners.

Jho R (jp) wrote: This is not my favorite. It's slow to examine and re-examine conflicts and evidence. It's true detective work just to watch it. But you have to respect the integrity of the movie and its message.

Brad S (gb) wrote: This Masterpiece from Akira Kurosawa is one of the all-time greatest films from International cinema. I hadn't seen it in a long while, and it looks fantastic on Blu-ray. It examines a crime from four different perspectives, and of course they are all different. Very interesting film that is a MUST for all cinema lovers!

Danny M (jp) wrote: This was alright. The build up is to long and the film is to short for this kind of story. The actually break out is very rushed and you don't see a lot

Lee M (es) wrote: This family drama tries so hard to be warm and uplifting that you keep rooting for it to be better than it is.