Leela Krishna is an orphan and he believes that it is the money, which rules the life, becomes a lawyer and marries Vandana and finally makes his married life successful after a small dispute.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:comedy team,  

Leela Krishna is an orphan and he believes that it is the money, which rules the life, becomes a lawyer and marries Vandana and finally makes his married life successful after a small dispute. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jason l (fr) wrote: Craptastic, terrible directing, every action scene is like having squiggle vision, the camera shakes and wiggles so that even if the actors were standing still it would still look like some sort of action. Probably the worst one yet.

Imran A (fr) wrote: The action was nice,in a crazy way,I like the way that Ashkay Kumar uses speed in a few situations.the story is silly and weird,not much funny moments but only a little,the story only focuses on the marriage and scheme,not the whole action though,I like the songs.I like the beginning and the end those were the only action scenes.I've seen better with the action and humor but the story could've been more funny and big.

Kam B (jp) wrote: A interesting story about mystery in one family, about relationship between mothers and daughters and about searching for parental love. I didn't like the end..

Leila F (fr) wrote: un film emouvant mais surtout dramatique et une periode tragique

warner t (de) wrote: It was quite entertaining, exceapt for the fact that they are trying to prove that "SAW" is a bad movie! this movie is all about torture and revenge with no morals at all, while saw is about rebirth and that jail doesn't really change anyone! to really appreciate life you need to have hardship in your life! "SAW" has morals, this idiotic version of "SAW" has no morals and the director can go to hell! people who say they hate "SAW" probably did not watch the movie "SAW" the watch this crap called "ARE YOU SCARED"! but other than that it was a very very bad entertaining movie that i'll watch again and again just to laugh at it!!

Noname (au) wrote: A decent sequel but it has nothing to do with the first movie so its just another action movie. It reminds a bit of road house with mafia guys in a small town trying to take over it and the cops is involved in a way aswell and now a man must stop them.. Overall a fair movie.

Rochere R (fr) wrote: even though it wasn't as scary to my expectations it caught my attention

Anna L (jp) wrote: O'Toole is wonderful.

Jessica H (au) wrote: A Christmas film that would make Scrooge roll around in his grave.

Thanos F (fr) wrote: This is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen.The acting was horrible and nothing made any sense at all!The demonic toys weren't demonic and definitely not strong or scary.The demon of this movie was rather funny than scary and the actors were just bad!I wish I had never seen this movie.Two hours of my life got lost for nothing!

TheMumblelover (ag) wrote: It can at times it feel more style than substance but after after well you can into it. The film is really just about a battle and the battle scenes are shot with sweeping epic action set pieces. The music is not very good it sounds like its from some cheap Hollywood budget movie all cliche sounds with no impact. Its starts slow but it soon becomes rousing.

John E (kr) wrote: This was funny as hell and very underrated

Doug D (ca) wrote: I have loved this movie since I was a child. It is a bit corny, but still fun to watch.

Jane D (us) wrote: I'd give it a higher score if it weren't for the awkward animated pussies.

Art S (fr) wrote: Weird - but not weird enough. Donald Cammell (fabled director of Performance with Nic Roeg) finds himself trapped in a locked house (courtesy of Dean Koontz) with an artificially intelligent supercomputer and Julie Christie. There are therefore constraints on what he can do. The plot, with shades of Rosemary's Baby, involves the computer (Proteus) seeking to impregnate Christie - against her will. So, that's gross. But this is a horror film after all - women in peril etc etc.etc. Nevertheless, you do catch glimpses of Cammell's psychedelic yearning in the '70s era computer animation on display (by Jordan Belson) and in some of the odd pseudo-futuristic creations littering the set. Why does the wheelchair robot have only one arm anyway? The moral of the story is again that computers will menace us if they become smart enough to be jealous of our real existence. But don't be tempted if this theme is appealing to you - this is grueling fare.