Maybe... Maybe Not

Maybe... Maybe Not

Der Bewegte Mann is a German comedy about a heterosexual man, Axel, who is thrown out of his girlfriends home for cheating and ends up moving in with a gay man. Axel learns the advantages of living with gay men even though they are attracted to him and when his girlfriend wants him back he must make a tough decision.

Thrown out by his girlfriend from her apartment, Axel lives for a while with Norbert, a gay man he met some days before. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy P (ru) wrote: Paul Greengrass' searing account of the infamous Derry massacre is an angry, hard hitting and stunningly realistic recreation of an unforgettable piece of history powered by masterful, documentary like direction and a low key but emotionally telling performance from James Nesbitt.

Ethan P (nl) wrote: Cold Mountain is a beautiful drama about that gives a backwoods portrayal of the brutality and cruelty that was so abundant during the civil war. The acting is excellent, the characters are very interesting, the story is epic and the battle scenes are thrilling. Nicole Kidman is magnetic, Renee Zellwegger is awesome as her companion, Jude Law makes a great disenchanted soldier and Hoffman gives his role as a dirty preacher a lot of depth.

Adam P (gb) wrote: Diane Ladd starred in this the same year her daughter headlined Jurassic Park. Fun take on the genetic engineering of food and with a happily pessimistic ending. And dinosaurs!

Sarfara A (mx) wrote: Ethan Frome is a British-American film directed by John Madden. Starring my favorite Liam Neeson, Patricia Arquette and Tate Donovan. It's an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Edith Wharton. Set in 18th century, young Reverend Smith (Tate Donovan) arrives in cold isolated New England town from Boston to take up his new post. The Reverend (being generous man) gives a job to the town's pariah Ethan Frome (Liam Nesson) a cripple with limp slumping to one-side like hunchback. People of the town give huge space when he passes by. Film then, goes in flashback before the accident that maimed Ethan. Ethan was married to Zeena with sickness, who arranges for young and attractive relative Mattie to come to live with them so she can take care of Zeena. Slowly Ethan begins to fall in love with the warm and lively Mattie, whom the cold and distant Zeena resents. Ethan is an engineer, who gives up promising career to look after his sick wife. Liam Neeson as usual gifted us with wonderful piece of performance, emotional and sentimental. A courteous husband who is human and free-spirited. Excellent photography, capturing snow-crusted landscapes.

Donna S (jp) wrote: Not one of her better movies...but it was filmed in Kentucky.

Dann M (au) wrote: A rather poor adaptation of Stephen King's best-selling novel, Cujo doesn't deliver any real scares. The story follows a suburban family that's going through some domestic issues, while across town a junkyard dog named Cujo slowly turns rabid and starts attacking people. Either because of poor acting or bad writing, the characters aren't very interesting. And, the dog isn't that frightening. The directing is also rather weak, and doesn't bring any sense of danger or intensity to the scenes. Additionally, the score is cliched and trite. Cujo is a little more than stereotypical B-horror film that relies mostly on cheap scares.

Daniel K (de) wrote: 2.5: The three separate stories was a complete surprise to me, but not a bad one. An entire film devoted to the first story would be a little much. I'll never completely be able to see what everyone sees in Sophia Loren. I guess she's not quite my style. The second story here is pretty much a throwaway. The first seems to be a precursor of something like Cheaper by the Dozen (in other words it's ridiculous), while the third is rather interesting if unfinished.

Farron K (ag) wrote: 2/5 stars. Somehow less entertaining than the snorefest that was Man of Steel, which is quite the achievement. It's almost bad enough to be good, but there's only a few parts where it hits that level of cheese. Gene Hackman has never been a very good Luthor in my opinion, and it shows here; he lacks the kind of razor-sharp psychotic hatred of Superman and genius/autistic mentality that makes the comic and animated series ones so powerful. Superman's new enemy is played by a Dolph Lundgren ripoff with a mullet who has lines that are certainly worthy of Man of Steel's script. The effects are just hideous by modern standards (and possibly even by 1987 standards), and there are plot holes and logic errors everywhere (how do these people fly or breathe in space when accompanying Superman? How does Superman stare at the Great Wall of China and rebuild it as a result? Why does the ice queen publisher lady fall for Clark Kent in about 20 seconds? The list is endless). The only reason I could come up with for why one should watch this is either to see how far superhero movies have come since their early days, or to see Mariel Hemingway looking like every '80s boy's fantasy girl.

Raya P (au) wrote: Colin Farrell: shitty accent, good physical acting, Jim Sturgess: good accent, shitty physical acting. Saoirse Ronan doesn't look eastern european. Uneven timing makes the movie lose momentum. The Gobi Desert is beautiful.

Robyn N (us) wrote: I was bored and movie surfing on Netflix, and I'm so glad I found this one. A really surprisingly good movie.

Sherri W (ag) wrote: This is a an Excellent must see movie i recommend it to all my friends and family