The film establishes Rudolph is a rebellious "man of the people", at eternal odds with his despotic father, Emperor Franz Joseph. To keep him quiet and out of trouble, Rudolph is forced into an arranged marriage, and surrounded by Hapsburg informers and spies. In an effort to escape this oppressive atmosphere, a disguised Rudolph dashes off to a fair, where he meets the beauteous 17-year-old Marie. Thus begins an illicit romance, which the lovers try vainly to keep secret from the prying eyes of the Emperor's flunkeys.

Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, is fettered on all sides. He's bored; his father, the emperor, is domineering; his politics are more liberal than his father's, but he knows his views carry... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jef C (de) wrote: The vitriol spewed by professional critics upon a film given such high ratings by the general public (e.g., 70% on Rotten Tomatoes as of 07-04-15) is not only emblematic of the undeniably bitter and unfortunate sociopolitical chasm in the US but also symbolic of the silence into which those who embrace minority opinions so easily shame the majority. Some of those who so piously espouse the virtues of divergent opinion and political "correctness" are quick to defend another's rights until those rights are used in a way that ostensibly engenders doubts about their own beliefs. We all must give the proverbial devil his due if we truly wish to uphold equality. As Saul Bellow so eloquently wrote, "Everybody knows there is no fineness or accuracy of suppression; if you hold down one thing, you hold down the adjoining." With all due respect, admiration, and apologies to an immensely talented writer, Mr. Bellow was obviously mistaken when he included "everyone" in his otherwise remarkably profound statement.

Larissa N (es) wrote: got this in the mail today - 1 day ahead of the official release date! - can't wait to watch it!!!

Nicola R (br) wrote: this is film brilliant

Dankwa B (mx) wrote: Wonderfully excellent motion picture that deals with a subject matter not fully explored in film??a journey of discovery for an African American woman.

Joetaeb D (ru) wrote: Though it's premise is intriguing, as well as having some creepy moments and a solid performance by Michael Keaton. White noise fails to be wholly satisfying and coherent, with a vapid face and terrible conclusion.

Andersson M (es) wrote: una pelicula divertida en su manera

Andr D (au) wrote: Excelente documental acerca del oficio del "chulo" (o proxeneta, como prefieran). Los hermanos Hughes ("Menace II Society", "American Presidents") hacen pocas pelculas, pero todas dejan una marca. Esta no es la excepcin.

michele a (jp) wrote: This sounds to me, like this is the kinda movies where "Jesus Christ" goes to 'Africa' to stop the Eboli Virus, doesn't that sound awful stupid to you?

Senor C (fr) wrote: When the actual beach party only takes up about 7-8 minutes of scene time should it really be called Cheerleader Beach Party? Instead our cheerleaders are trying to sabotage their football players from going to play for another university..& their not very good @ it. Serving the guests alcohol & hash brownies @ a recruitment party sounds like a pretty good time to me. In the end it works out from them by giving the players crabs but not the old fashion way. Lite on sugar boobies & void of actually laughs it just sorta has dumb charm..but their cheers are shit

Natali A (au) wrote: ?? ?????? ??? ???????? ????? - ? ??????? ???????????? - ?? ??-???????? ????????!!!

Chris L (ag) wrote: Standard fare rom-com with a very likable cast and an above-average soundtrack. Nothing will surprise you, but you won't feel cheated.

Tero H (jp) wrote: van Damme vs. the kids - a predictable 80's Karate Kid clone!