Marcus makes a bet that he'll go out with the next girl who walks through the Mayflower! bar doors. She just happens to be the gorgeous Rhonda and costs $1000 to take him around the world. Follow Marcus and Lamont's adventure to get the money.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dominatrix,  

'No game' Marcus makes a bet that he'll go out with the next girl who walks through the Mayflower! bar doors. She just happens to be the gorgeous Rhonda and costs $1000 to take him around ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruhan R (fr) wrote: Never saw the '95 version so I'll draw no comparisons. Wide Open Spaces was a rather interesting type of film. I guess it would fall under buddy-comedy, but that's not where the heart of the film was. It was cool seeing a completely Irish-produced movie, set in Ireland with all Irish film-makers. I assume the script incorporated themes common to human thought, but more specifically Irish thought. The story certainly had an existential flavour to it, with Myles constantly worrying about his directionless lifestyle and lack of self-fulfillment. Both Ewen Bremner and Ardal O'Hanlon put on some good performances and managed to make a good duo. Bremner was great as playing the optimistic goofball with O'Hanlol as his counterpart, the grim realist. The plot itself felt rather empty with it's little sub-plots, but there were some entertaining scenes. On the other hand, that emptiness contributed to the theme of the film as a whole. Overall not a spectacular picture, but not absolute rubbish.

Sheila C (br) wrote: Inspirational story of one man's journey from spiritual famine to faith

Thomas P (au) wrote: Only watch if you like accurate depictions of Latino life (yes) or gay sex (no)

David K (fr) wrote: One of the most cloying jugs of treacle ever dumped on an audience. Far fetched even as a fairy tale, painfully overacted or not acted, with music so mediocre and uncreative it makes it hard to buy August's alleged inexplicable brilliance.

Niral G (jp) wrote: I guess I have a problem with a story that has a guy falling in love with a girl that is the daughter of the girl he loved. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but that's my thinking at least.

Al M (gb) wrote: Somewhere between the classic story and film "The Most Dangerous Game" and the 70s cult classic Death Race 2000, Elio Petri's The 10th Victim is a super mod, swinging, sci-fi satire of violence, media obsession, the cult of celebrity, the valorization of violence, and the society of surveillance. In this Orwellian future, people can decide to become champions of society by engaging in The Big Hunt, a game in which they must participate in ten games. In each game, they take the role of the hunter or the victim. The hunter knows the identity of their prey and must lead them to their destruction. The victim knows they are being hunted--and are hence suspicious of everyone--but they do not know who is hunting them. The victim can proceed onwards in the game by killing their hunter but mistakenly killing someone who is not their hunter results in 30 years jail time. The Big Hunt players receive cash prizes for each round they successully survive, and the ultimate goal is to finish ten games, receive a million dollars, and exist the Big Hunt. However, no one has achieved this "holy" feat. The 10th Victim is bizarro, stylish, and hilarious--it feels like a James Bond film set in the future after taking some acid. It's funny and entertaining, but its satire is undercut by its silliness, and it drags on the burgeoning relationship between the two main characters to the point where it becomes boring and inane.

Niki L (kr) wrote: Al Pacino needs to move on with his character base. Same character different name

Jamie C (mx) wrote: A very funny and dark comedy that's full of laughs and shocks in equal measure, Billy Bob Thornton plays his part really well and his don't give a shit attitude works so well, A Christmas film not for the family, Adults only, It's my favourite Christmas film ever.

Lucca H (us) wrote: Classic Movie, with intense drama

Vincent T (de) wrote: Bon film d'action avec un Mark Wahlberg au top