Mayilu is a 2012 Tamil drama film directed by Jeevan. It stars Shri and Shammu in the lead.

Mayilu is a 2012 Tamil drama film directed by Jeevan. It stars Shri and Shammu in the lead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob A (ca) wrote: Die hard Alice Cooper fans will love this documentary. I don't think they will learn anything they did not already know however.

Thomas L (kr) wrote: yah....file this one under 'WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL IN THAT HOUSE??!??"

Caleb C (ag) wrote: Feel good movie done only like Rob Reiner knows how. Despite it's flaws, I loved this this one.

Scarlett S (au) wrote: I'd never heard about this human abuse until I watched this movie. So sad to think of all the destroyed families and the horrific abuse of the children. This is recent abuse in two "modern" countries, not abuse in some 3rd world country.

Cristobal A (kr) wrote: no tan maestra como Mirageman, pero igualmente entretenida. No tiene NADA que envidiarle a una pelicula de James Bond, aunque la ultima parte es un poco caricaturesca.

Meraj F (mx) wrote: very sweet movie...gud for teenage ppl.. :)))) <3<3

Ehome T (gb) wrote: This movie hearkens back to the days of reality TV, which does feel quite dated in this age of post-blog Twitter. The action scenes also brings to mind HK films from the 90's, paying minimal lip-service towards realism. Even with all this, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie: the actors did their colourful best (Kelly Chen was quite the eye candy for me) and the characters, particularly the bad guys, made you care enough them without having you thoroughly sympathising their cause.The camerawork is also interesting, particularly near the ending of the movie. It reminds me a bit of Vantage Point (though that movie never really interested me enough to watch it in its entirety).All in all, it's a good 89 minutes of your time spent.

Michelangelo P (us) wrote: A MUST watch. Screw the middle class fartists. Here is Valerie REALITY!

molly c (ca) wrote: great dialogue. superb writing! great acting on Harrison's part as always, Lesley is GORGEOUS. sad but awesome ending. recommended.

Joseph H (es) wrote: This movie was just horrible. I felt that this was so horrible to be even considered "so bad its good". The acting is just painful, the "ghosts" I cannot even understand. With a d.v.d with no subtitles this is frustrating, and to see what the ghosts do to scare the people is just laughable.

Michael S (mx) wrote: The first and finest film of Claude Chabrols's career with sensitive performances by Gerard Blain, Jean-Claude Brialy og Bernadette Lafont.

Nancy S (de) wrote: Good, but not great. Arte Johnson was wonderful!

Austin G (jp) wrote: Feels a lot like Megamind. Good not great.

Richard Y (it) wrote: A rare performance as a dying mild mannered CIA assassin from Mickey Rourke, pretty entertaining.

Emily U (ag) wrote: To Save a Life was a very inspirational film for me. As someone who has seen it twice, i really enjoyed the lessons that it taught, and that it didn't sugarcoat anything. Jake Taylor was someone to easily relate to, as a teen it is often felt that you don't know what is next for you in life, especially when you begin to leave home and start your own life. To Save a Life doesn't force any religious beliefs on the viewer, and lets us decide what we believe in, but it will leave us thinking about our future and the decisions we make. To Save a Life is a wonderful film that any teen should watch.