An opera star's manager tries to stop her romance with a penniless singer.

An elderly Miss Morrison recounts her life as the once young and beautiful opera singer Marcia Morney-then the toast of Napoleon III's Paris. One evening, she encounters an American voice ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maytime torrent reviews

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Better than part one thanks to its amazing action scenes and a story that did have its slow points but not for long, Again I didn't like the voice cast, It's not one for the kids to see, and the final 20 minutes were some of the best I've seen in a animated movie.

Jeff H (ru) wrote: Watched solely due to it's local impact, this is a nicely put together documentary by CTV. A film about a family sticking together following the murder of one of their own, by one of their own. It's tough to watch and wonder if you'd be able to forgive like the Jenkins parents have. Available on Netflix Canada and recommended to anyone in the Chatham-Kent area.

Thomas F (mx) wrote: It is fine to connect things like this but I wonder the possibility of it. It just happened so casually.

Kaitlyn J (ca) wrote: A different kind of sci-fi that mixes earth's timeline with Mars timeline. Interesting how the humans on Mars wear the same kind of clothes as the Greeks and Romans did several years ago. Some parts of this movie I did not like and were kind of boring.

Jameson A (it) wrote: wtf is she doing in that pic? Not Interested...

Gregory W (it) wrote: love the road pics 7/31/11 rewatch: wow this had me rolling on the floor the pacing is so good and all the inside jokes about paramount like the guy taking the short cut to stage 10 even the the plot borrows alot from chaplin's the gold rush.

Timm S (gb) wrote: Made In A Time When Drag Was Funny & Comedy Gags Were Cheap. This One Doesn't Age Well At All.

Peter G (ca) wrote: Maggie G. is hot stuff, but she doesn't have her head screwed on straight in this movie of life spun out of control; it's time for her to grow up...

CHETAN C (ca) wrote: Garbage. Incinerate. Do not recycle.