Mazhalai Pattalam

Mazhalai Pattalam


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1980
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  • Reference:Imdb
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Mazhalai Pattalam torrent reviews

Joonas T (ca) wrote: This one needs no explanation from me, watch it and ROCK THE FUCK OUT!!!!!

Wong C (au) wrote: its really impressive. the only good job by pang. however, its standard is still far away from that of the real classics.

(nl) wrote: Excellent film - romantic and funny with a fab performance from Jason Isaacs :)

Bheema D (mx) wrote: Despite a couple really interesting scenes, a cool concept and a lot of critical acclaim, this reeks with all elements of a generic, boring 80s coming of age movie.

Maxwell J (kr) wrote: Summer of 71. Good flick for junior high boys. Pretty beach scenery.

Eliabeth W (mx) wrote: Cute. I rather enjoyed it. Made me want to watch Gidget, though.

J K (fr) wrote: Might have been good if it wasn't fictional and they hadn't raped history. None of this crap happened.

Don S (ag) wrote: Well, Denzel is his usual awesomeness! I truly believe that only he could pull off that scene at the cemetery! He is amazing! And the movie is good too! I was disappointed in several characters, like Uncle Bubba, Booger, and Sweetness, who were just slap sticky caricatures, in what seemed to be an otherwise serious story (Big Time Willie was pretty lame too!). And though artistically, I think using the music of Aaron Copland as part of the soundtrack to a story about inner city basketball and life was a bold, striking choice, I really don't think it worked. At times, the music was a distraction for me. But what made this a 3 star for me, and not a 4 or 5, is the horrible, ridiculously stupid ending in the gym. Why would anyone include that scene in a film like this? Did Touchstone, a.k.a. Disney, make Spike Lee put in such fantasy bullshit? Good lord, it is so lame! Wait - dead mother AND magical basketball ending? That IS Disney! F' you Mickey Mouse!

Peter M (ag) wrote: a round of applause for the special effects and the way in which they tried to get an authentic 50's sci fi feel, a good movie i feel could have been alot better.

Courtney K (ru) wrote: i applaud the original-ish story idea; there are actual such things as extreme haunted houses & some of them are actually quite dangerous, which sort of brings this story to life & makes it that much more scarier. as far as a film i would not recommend this, but the overall concept is quite scary.