Mazinkaiser vs Great Darkness General

Mazinkaiser vs Great Darkness General

Mazinkaiser vs the Great general of darkness is a basic retelling of the "Great Mazinger" series's story : our heroes battle the evil forces of the subterranean Mikene empire, bent on destroying mankind and all things sacred. One hour of total mayhem ensues, with fights from start to finish. While being rather simple, the plot still manages to be suspenseful, and is actually better than the already great "Mazinkaiser" mini-series. Less broad humor, and more action, with a story moving at a frantic pace. The villains are just plain hideous and suitably vicious. Parents beware, the movie is rather violent and some of you may not find it suitable for younger children (although there is much, much worse on the market).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on comic,  

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JuanKa P (br) wrote: Basada en la historia de la vida del poeta Mark O'Brien. The Sessions cuenta la historia de un hombre cuadrapljico que trata a toda costa de perder su virginidad a los 38 aos de edad, con la ayuda de su terapeuta y con el consejo de su amigo, un cura, intentar hacer su sueo realidad. Con las actuaciones de Helen Hunt, John Hawkes, William Macy y otros

greeil428 (kr) wrote: Really slowbut I enjoyed it. charscters and actors.

Ashley Y (us) wrote: ok, classic country gal moving to big city stories, dream big and think big knda thing. If Jessica simpson is driven to be a successful actress, then there's something wrong in the movie she participated in...and almost all of them are blonde teenage movie with beautiful teeth...and cowboy, texas...interesting huh?

Layne O (ag) wrote: This movie was a bad and sad attempt at a classic myth the scared everyone of us as a child. I was terribly let down by this movie in almost every way. The movie about the boogie man, the one thing that scares every child to death should be horrific & terrifying.

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/17/2010)

Robert L (mx) wrote: Like a long, average episode of TNG.

Gabriel d (fr) wrote: I love this movie, I really do, since I believe the way heaven and hell areportrayed in the movie

Freeman M (au) wrote: Ian McKellen and Lynn Redgrave both deserved Oscars. Period.

Molly R (br) wrote: A great movie about life choices and being fearless.

Thom G (gb) wrote: Wow, rewatched this just now and I had forgotten how truly terrifying, oily and self-loathing Eric Roberts character (real life Paul Snider) is...a really outstanding performance. Bob Fosse, the director, does a great job capturing the era. Great editing, great use of music. Areally shocking and sad ending which is , of course, the real life story of Dorothy Stratten. Playmate of the Year 1979.

Steve P (br) wrote: NOTE: This film was recommended to me by Dennis Brian for "Steve Pulaski Sees It."George Lucas's directorial debut THX 1138 proves one major thing in its concise, eighty-eight minute runtime, and that is that a science-fiction film doesn't need to extend past two hours in order to be thoughtful or contemplative. It's all about what a writer/director is willing to convey during its runtime, and whether or not he or she wants to leave the audience with a rich interpretation or a rather lean one. THX 1138 manages to eek out ideas of what it want kind of ideas and themes it wants to leave with its audience, and those ideas question how elaborate and unforeseen the consequences will be for a futuristic dystopia where any emotions that aren't computerized are prohibited, leaving humans and humanoids incapable, or worse, strictly forbidden, from thinking and feeling.THX 1138 takes place in an undetermined time in the future where sex of any kind is prohibited, and a drug that alters the mind in ways that try to prevent sexual urges is distributed amongst society and made mandatory by the government. Emotions of any kind, as well as family identification are all taboos in this world, and everyone looks the same, boasting an all-white uniform with shaved heads. People are kept in line by a series of police humanoids that come cloaked in black and silver and unafraid to use blunt force on its people.Social norms and conformity are enforced by two individuals, SEN 5241 (Donald Pleasence) and LUH 3417 (Maggie McOmie), who monitor a series of surveillance cameras on the city. LUH lives with a male roommate, THX 1138 (Robert Duvall), who works in a factory that creates the same police androids that are watching over the land. THX learns that his workplace is celebrating a record low 195 worker deaths in the last period, which is significantly lower than another factory's 242. It is then that we see what this world is really about: high productivity, few accidents, and a faux idea of happiness so the two former features can commence uninterrupted or with few snags.Things start taking a turn for the worse for this futuristic land when THX and LUH become romantically involved, specifically when THX's drug dosage gets mixed up and his ability to feel aroused, empathetic, and passion are all restored in his mind. The two wind up carrying out a forbidden relationship that sends this society into a complete meltdown; as a result, the hunt is on for THX to force him to either comply with the lack of emotional tolerance in his community or simply be tried and eventually executed for his so-called crimes.I'll be blunt and say that I had to thoroughly read the synopsis of THX 1138 upon finishing it. This is one of the few films that I can remember that had me almost completely and totally lost throughout the entire runtime that I needed secondary sources to inform me what was going on and what I had just witnessed. In the case of films by subversive directors, like Orson Welles, or in a modern sense, Christopher Nolan, that kind of narrative ambiguity is expected and welcomed. For Lucas's directorial debut, it comes off as murky and unclear, not necessarily because THX 1138 finds itself functioning largely as a stylistic exercise, but because it is so void of style and color.Lucas favors backdrops that are whiter than porcelain, with characters in all-white jumpsuits that practically melt into the background, leaving only what appear to be scalps floating in the foreground. Dialog is written in a jumbled, jargon-heavy manner, making conversations between characters unclear and confusing most of the time, and characters are as bland and as non-existent as they come. Obviously, these were conscious decisions made on part of Lucas, who wanted to create this very broad, basic environment where everything we've come to know and accept as people was subtracted and replaced with eternal nothingness. This is an admirable concept, but the execution here leaves a lot to be desired and feels self-defeating.When characters, thoughtful conversations, and major events are substituted for a lost of aimless wandering and conversing, regardless of the themes the picture is trying to convey, the act of watching such a thing inherently promotes a disconnect amongst the audience. When audiences feel disconnected or alienated, they generally lose interest or don't pay attention, and that is precisely what happened to me during most of THX 1138. I can admire the ambition in scope and idealism from a young Lucas, who would go and craft Star Wars just six years later and start another beast that was just waiting to be dissected and embraced by similar fans of THX 1138, but this is a film that almost entirely escaped me from start to finish.Starring: Robert Duvall, Donald Pleasence, and Maggic McOmie. Directed by: George Lucas.

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: The last film the boys did together is a throwaway, both of them having done 10 years of their act, so their routines were familiar to them both (and to us). Still, whether either of them would admit it by this stage (Martin reportedly told Lewis angrily once that "all you are to me is a dollar.") or not, their chemistry continued to pop. While certainly their routine is dated, a smile or two is still within their grasp as this work demonstrates.Pat Crowley and Anita Ekberg are little more than window dressing to the boys antics, and they're not bad, but in this film a Great Dane has more to do.

Jessica H (mx) wrote: Occasionally funny with a few out of the line moments.

Daniel S (mx) wrote: Couldn't even finish this turd of a film. Story is quite terrible - I stopped watching and decided that packing the dishwasher would be more enjoyable

Randy B (fr) wrote: Mostly, a Luke Wilson film with Will Farrell thrown into for the biggest laughs. It's a rather sweet film, with childish pranks.