Mazzabubù... quante corna stanno quaggiù?

Mazzabubù... quante corna stanno quaggiù?


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Mazzabubù... quante corna stanno quaggiù? torrent reviews

Chilli H (fr) wrote: Zombie films are all the same these days, so it was nice to see that the directors are trying a new take on it. Not a bad film - same questionable acting, & unnecessary makeup. The ending was abrupt but amusing.

Karen M (au) wrote: Very different. Don't expect glitz and glam or modern special effects. This is a simple story simply told. Good.

WS W (jp) wrote: Quite entertaining & amusing; & Raphael Personnaz is real gorgeous.

Carolyn H (jp) wrote: Good movie; just a sad true story from 1970. Lela Rochon Fuqua also stars in this movie. In theatres now.

Dave H (kr) wrote: This is a great Christmas movie, with a phenomenal soundtrack.

John M (fr) wrote: As far as I can see, this is an utterly. pointless movie. Surely, the only reason to make a sequmake out, there is NOTHING new to say about Jason. Thefilmmakers really needn't have bothered. Atel is if there'there's something new to say about a character, and, as far as I can make out, there is NOTHING new to say about Jason. Thefilmmakers really needn't have bothered. A total waste of time. Not scary. Not original. Not worth it.

John B (fr) wrote: Another brilliant stroke from Abbas Kiarostami depicting a man seeking to end his life and taking a tour of characters in his community to ensure that he is buried. We get to see the reaction of characters to the main character's choice which leads to delightfully expected exchanges.

vangie b (ca) wrote: The movie is awesome but I was under the impression it was a comedy because it started out so hammy I had to giggle, but then the first story came on and I felt kinda like crying and while looking for something to be sorta comic relief in it, I realized some of the imagery is really creepy. It's awesome though

Trent R (ru) wrote: Vohrer's first Edgar Wallace adaptation for Rialto, this is based on the same story as the inferior British production Dark Eyes of London from twenty years earlier that served as a Lugosi vehicle. This version also incorporates a decidedly simian blind killer, Ady Berber, bearing a striking resemblance to fellow wrestler Tor Johnson. With hair matted on his forearms to a comic yet chilling extent, when he gleefully sets in for the kill. That aside, everything about this production is better - except for the absence of Bela. Cinematographer Karl Loeb, (Mabuse, Old Shatterhand) provides the viewer with many p.o.v. shots, extreme angles, ocular imagery and trauma, reflections in Kinski's shades, broken mirrors and glass, and even a television that fires back. This theme is carried off well, as are the increasingly cruel murders by the unseen killer. Having his brutal and murderous henchmen mortally terrified and helpless before him serves to build emphasis up for the reveal. This lacks the swing and dixieland inflected scoring that Peter Thomas would later bring to the series. But Heinz Funk puts in some innovative electronic stabs for key scenes, and the use of Beethoven's Fifth to score a Thames corpse disposal and the climactic duel is very effective. One wonders if Kubrick perhaps saw this, as well if its cinematography perhaps more directly influenced Argento and Fulci.Dead Eyes of London also incorporates the cool, desktop, skull-shaped cigarette dispenser seen later in the series, as well as a screeching black cat doorbell. Let us hope for a future marketing tie-in.Retromedia has released a decent but still dubbed print of Dead Eyes on a double bill dvd with The Ghost, starring Barbara Steele. It is less than ideal, but improves on the earlier single-disc of the film by itself. Sadly, the R2 Edgar Wallace Edition set does not include subtitles or an English dub for this film.

Jason H (it) wrote: I hadn't seen this movie since I was a teenager (awhile ago!) but I remembered quite a bit of it, including the ending. The positives include most of the performances and the sets. The melodramatic touches (music, writing, a couple performances) will be a matter of taste. Still, very entertaining and fun to imagine what shenanigans Sinatra/Martin/Maclaine got into after wrapping each day.

Greg W (it) wrote: gr8 another lost review

Andy P (ca) wrote: An epic, inspiring Vangelis score that has since become synonymous with sporting excellence and handsome production design are what truly drives this crowd-pleasing sports drama.

Juliet A (us) wrote: Forgot to review it. One of the best films I seen this year.