McCabe & Mrs. Miller

McCabe & Mrs. Miller

A gambler and a prostitute become business partners in a remote Old West mining town, and their enterprise thrives until a large corporation arrives on the scene.

A gambler and a prostitute become business partners in a remote Old West mining town, and their enterprise thrives until a large corporation arrives on the scene. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (jp) wrote: Chronicle is the directorial debut of Josh Trank who ended up directing and writing Fantastic Four, which turned out to be a colossal disaster, and it stars Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, and Michael B. Jordan in a found-footage film about three senior students that found something underground that caused them to have superpowers, but while time goes on where two of them are using it for small stuff, one of them is thinking of using them for something else. This is honestly the most watched film that I've seen that's a found-footage film considering that it's not a horror film, which is a very different approach than the typical found-footage films, and it's kind of a superhero film, which except for Unbreakable, I really haven't seen a superhero film that's not based on any comic books, so it's entirely new on its own thing. So with this, Chronicle remains one of my favorite found-footage films still. With a bunch of newcomers in this, they were great in this as I find it believable that they are good friends. The found footage they used makes sense, and the way it transcends from one camera to another was really clever and would make sense that way. The characters are three dimensional in this that you feel really sorry for one of the kids. The special effects look really good, and the fact that they use their powers for small things is honestly what I would've done to do if I have powers. The script by Max Landis is great at understanding what high school life is like, and also what one of the characters have to go through for not only school, but also family issues. The last act of the film is a lot of fun to watch with a lot of nice shots that make seem like a movie and not a found-footage one. Luckily for this one, it's one of the less jittery found-footage films that I can think of, so it won't really make any people have motion sickness, but there are some scenes that'll probably turn people away who doesn't like getting sick in terms of the camera going around. With that said, Chronicle is a fantastic film that I'm a bit glad that Josh Trank and Max Landis got more careers for their films, even if it's not at their highest yet.

Hillary M (fr) wrote: The characters play like crazy kids and it can be exhausting. You can't really hate or like any of them, they make one bad decision that leads to their next bad decision as this film rollercoasters along. I'm not really sure what The Twisted Twins were trying to say here... the women are abused, the men are emasculated and humiliated... who do they want us to cheer for? For it's crazy mayhem... I enjoyed it.

Talitha B (au) wrote: Ineresting and different. Impressive!

David L (gb) wrote: Pleasantly surprised at this one. I think the whole concept of the story taking place inside a well kitted-out haunted house works a gem, and there's just a continuous supply of jumps. The theming to the house compliments the plot, with each of the cast having their own fear realised within different sections of the arena. Some of the actual deaths of the characters occur too quickly in a couple of cases, but the constant stream of action between key scenes kind of makes up for this. It is similar to the 'Dark Ride' film given it's setting, and although this is probably a better take on strangers being locked up in a haunted house with a killer, i'm not sure the ending was as good. The idea of the whole scenario being created through a spiritual artifact seems a bit random to me, but having said that, i doubt a normal human could have masterminded the events that actually went on in this film. A genuinely good watch, which will no doubt increase my hatred of walkthrough haunted houses at theme parks!

Glenn S (jp) wrote: this guy is brilliant, hilariously bitter, and right about everything. if you disagree with him, you're probably a moron.

Nick J (nl) wrote: Saw is the rare film that shows a good story in torture films. It mixes horror and mystery perfectly. This film deserves a 5 star rating.

Joel S (br) wrote: This movie is one of the fuckin funniest movies ever, can be slow at times but you'll be quoting it for days after watching it. "Turn up the good, turn down the suck"

Thomas C (it) wrote: Teenyhorror in Candyland.

Dre M (it) wrote: i loved this movie when i first saw it, i really like shelley long's slapstick quirky comedy, and the story is so weird, you have to love it.

Corey B (kr) wrote: Pretty slow and long (2.5 hours!?!), and although interesting at times, not much really happens. I kept waiting for some main plot point to emerge, but it was just a bunch of small occurrences that were quickly resolved. All that being said, the ending goes completely off the rails, but oddly makes watching the whole thing seem worth it.

Bruce B (jp) wrote: Complete Italian Trash, released by a British Film Company. Not even good nudity. The only mystery is how it got on my to see list. Not even worth a rating.

Nikki F (ru) wrote: Frank Capra's swan song, and the ole heart string tugger. Fun, yet bittersweet. Has you leaving the cinema with a spring in your step and expecting the world to be in glorious Hollywood technicolor.

Greg W (br) wrote: sets the stage for and clearly inspires the great 1990 pic 'tremors' and its set of sequels.

Scott W (it) wrote: When German paratroopers enslave the population of the hidden city of Palandria it falls to Tarzan to rid his escarpment of the Nazi menace. Once the Nazis kidnap Boy Tarzan tracks them down and kills them all, some quite cold bloodedly - the child slapping colonel is lured to his death in a lion pit! A bizarre conclusion involves Cheetah on the radio to a General in Berlin who mistakes him for the Fuhrer.... Maureen O'Sullivan is noticeably missing from this film, Janes is reportedly in London visiting her sick mother, but Frances Gifford steps in as the princess of Palandria.

Matthew S (fr) wrote: Terrible script, a series of awkward and uncomfortable scenes with generally poor acting throughout. Walberg and Crowe are passable but its such a dull story with nothing really to say

Champ S (mx) wrote: Easily great film with interesting comments about stereotyping anything, and awesome cast.