McFarland, USA

Jim White moves his family after losing his last job as a football coach. He sees that some of the students are worth starting a cross-country team and turns seven students with no hope into one of the best cross-country teams.

There he discovers buried potential in several high school boys and slowly turns them into championship runners and brings them closer than even he could ever imagine. A struggling coach and teacher who has had to move around for different incidents in his career finally comes to one of the poorest cities in America: McFarland, California

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Users reviews

Aaron G (de)

It's a real emotional story but if you are too man for that (lol) you can just tell everyone you watched it for the plentiful nudity. I wasn't expecting it to be this good. This is actually a really well done movie

Adam R (gb)

(First and only viewing - 2/14/2010)

Amy M (mx)

This movie is outdated; many current TV shows are telling coming out stories with much more realism and less drama

Arjuna R (us)

After seeing parts of the first Saw, Saw II looks like is could be an amazing film

Grant S (us)

Leelee Sobieski can do a lot better. Pretty boring, despite the titillating subject matter

Heath B (au)

It tells it like it is, whether we're comfortable with that or not. Who said love wasn't messy? Aside from a silly, ham-fisted rendition of 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' by Carly Simon in the closing moments to batter to death the ending theme, this movie doesn't pull many punches. Oh, and by the way, she's pregnant with their second child. This being her second marriage, the desperation to make it work results in a near breakdown. If she leaves, she is admitting she made the wrong choice with him from the beginning. If she takes him back, she's weak. Rachel, played with hysterical (not necessarily funny) brilliance by Streep suspects this about him all along, and at every turn does what most of us would - stagger dizzily to maintain some semblance of self respect, which is impossible. It isn't in him. He wants to be a good husband, but can't. I loved how we're allowed to see Nicholson's pain as he fights against his compulsion to cheat. The painful, adult affirmation that love does not conquer all might not be a message most of us care to consider, but their too human complexities, I found, were a refreshing real-life reflection that's rarely explored in the movies (save for Woody Allen). But Rachel and Mark's imperfections are bluntly honest, and I doubt many would want to spend much time with any of us dealing with such circumstances. It isn't a particularly romantic film, and both characters could be difficult to like if you're expecting charming, witty Ephron East Coasters like Harry and Sally. No surprise that romantic cynic Mike Nichols opted to direct Nora Ephron's memoir of the same name about her marriage and divorce from famed writer Carl Bernstein

Ithak W (es)

if this movie can inspire just ONE adoption, it was already worth it. . . Let's not forget there are so many children in the world who feel abandoned, lost, who need a family. it conveys a message of hope and of love. . . (Spoiler warning - don't read further unless you've seen the movie): I really liked that they took in the little girl at the end. It's actually explored in different ways: the father's mental ilness, the old math teacher's moods, the teaching experience with kids, and the main character's own quirkiness. A really sensible movie about the most precious asset of all: the human mind

J R (us)

This movie doesn't get enough respect. So many great one liners in this. I thought it would be the typical unrealistic action film but loved how they made a comedy of how unrealistic it was. I love this movie

John K (au)

Anyone expecting the usual Rob Reiner film should avoid this one. Michael Douglas' overly surly character brings the film down too far to recover

John Toni d (it)

Jack The Giant Slayer may have acquired a few fun moments courtesy of Ewan McGregor & Nicholas Hoult, but its overuse of CGI and weak story-telling derailed it from being fully enjoyable. Neither adds nor diminishes value to the origin story it is trying to retell