McKenna Shoots for the Stars

McKenna Shoots for the Stars

American Girl McKenna comes to life in this modern-day adventure about a determined gymnast who must focus on her strengths to overcome challenges and find a way to believe in herself again.

American Girl McKenna comes to life in this modern-day adventure about a determined gymnast who must focus on her strengths to overcome challenges and find a way to believe in herself again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cheryl L (ru) wrote: Movie was quite slow at the start but became better as it progressed. Really well acted, as this was based on a true storyline and really a very sensitive subject. I wouldn't want to watch this movie again, it made me feel quite sick at the end.

WS W (it) wrote: Too improvising in style.

johanes a (br) wrote: uahhhh it so nice...

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