McLuhan's Wake

McLuhan's Wake

A fascinating clash of philosophy, classical studies and Pop Culture, this film capsulizes a number of "Media Prophet" Marshall McLuhan's conclusions about media.

A fascinating clash of philosophy, classical studies and Pop Culture, this film capsulizes a number of "Media Prophet" Marshall McLuhan's conclusions about media. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick B (ru) wrote: Beautifully crafted in every single way.

Shajie K (ca) wrote: 14/10/12 - MomNot that great, free running was excellent. First time i've seen anything like that in Bollywood. Songs were pretty decent though.

Jonathan P (nl) wrote: Great acting and a fun story make it a movie that was a surprise.

Adrian L (es) wrote: Down to earth, gritty thriller played out on a London urban estate, with a faintly silly plot about terrorists, intelligence service and why the world is at war with itself. If you put that to one side and concentrate on the run down estate populated by thugs then it works.

Karin B (gb) wrote: Fantastic movie, very intense, very real, touching, heart-breaking, inspiring.

Elle M (ag) wrote: I actually liked the writing of the movie unlike some of our other reviewers, I found that the characters stories were really drawn up well. I think it shows that no matter your successes or your stature in life, everyone is capable of sadness.It's dark, and it should be, and it pulled at my heart strings. I love it!

Brandon W (kr) wrote: Technically when I was watching Cast Away, I didn't finish watching it as I was running out of time and had to go to the next movie that was also about to expire on Netflix, but I'm still doing this review as I seen this before, and when I watched it on Netflix, I only ht through two-thirds of it, so I refreshed my memory of what the film is like, which is a masterpiece that is an one man hit show here for Tom Hanks. The writing by William Broyles. Jr. is very well written, and Tom Hanks gives a wonderful performance which those two aspects right there, can make a survival movie interesting. The main character is great in this that you really want him to get out of the island and get to the city. The conversations that Tom Hank's character has with Wilson the Volleyball is pretty enjoyable to listen to even if it's crazy that he's actually talking to a volleyball. It's smart how the main character survives in the island for many years which in some moments, I wouldn't even think of doing that. It has some sad moments that are pretty effective, and the soundtrack is beautiful to listen to. Cast Away is one of the best survival films that I have seen, and it's up there with Gravity which is my absolute favorite survival film.

Tony B (it) wrote: Stupid film, struggled to pay attention to it.

Will L (us) wrote: An aimless but relatable comedy made by fanboys for fanboys.

Rob R (ca) wrote: Following Eureka, my latest fancy of watching long films continues with this almost-4hr uber-art flick about a guy painting a picture. There was certainly something hypnotic about the scenes in the artist's studio - the long silences, save for the scratch of a shitty sketching pen, being mercifully broken by brief bouts of awkward conversation. The little dots of plot between sittings were great, sometimes providing comic relief but usually piling on tension with the destination of a blow-out finale which didn't quite happen - although the part in the second half when he re-uses an old canvas is strangely shocking. I guess once you've been drawn into their artistic world you can appreciate the sorts of things that would send artistic types frantic. One could say it was a shame not to see the 'real' finished painting, but that was pretty predictable from the start and, more importantly, appropriate.I enjoyed it in the same way as Betty Blue in the sense that I got the feeling of spending days with the small cast, almost like a little holiday with some French nutters. Of course, this effect could just be down to the long running times of both films, but they both kinda focus on the minutiae of these folk??s lives.My main complaint, apart from confessing that sometimes I did get a bit bored of the real-time painting, is that I couldn't really see myself wanting to watch this again. Or at least not for a number of years. Unless I feel the need to see Emmanuelle Beart naked for extended periods of time, which is, well, a reasonable prospect.

Nelson M (de) wrote: One of the most underrated silent film actor's best films, Harold Lloyd's Safety Last is a hilarious film that also illustrates the anxiety and stress of life, love, and work. Equally impressive are the fantastic stunts which Lloyd performs all by himself. While lacking the sheer punch of some of Chaplin's works, Harold Lloyd's joyful comedies make time for political commentary and tons of laughs. What helps with this is the sheer happiness found in his expressions and our emotion connection through his fantastical expressions. Definitely worth seeing at least once in a life time.

Rebecca S (fr) wrote: This did not live up to the high cheesy rom-com standards set in its trailers, but it was a pleasant 90 minute diversion.