John McVicar was a London Bad Boy. he graduated to armed bank robbery and was Britain's "Public Enemy No. 1". He was captured and put into a high security prison. Will even the highest security prison be able to hold him? This is the true story of his life, his criminal exploits and his eventual rehabilitation.

The movie tells the true story of John McVicar, an English career criminal locked up with all the other lifers in the dreaded E Wing of Durham Prison. But will even the highest security prison be able to hold him? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abid H (nl) wrote: very glossy. pop songs stick in yer mind even though u may initially dislike 'em. overall it is shite though. no storyline and very bad editing. It tries to be a piss-take but doesn't succeed and comes off as a badly made movie. The only saving grace is anil's character which is ace; he plays it superbly. Watch only if yer a kereena fan.

Private U (au) wrote: The Academy would like to acknowledge.....

Heshima M (nl) wrote: This should be mandatory for any real fan or student of music regardless of what style you like!

Pablo M (kr) wrote: I really like this cartoon growing up . . . .

MEC r (es) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

David L (gb) wrote: The first act is very good and the character development of the lead character is superb along with a powerhouse performance from Ben Kingsley, but Gandhi nevertheless ends up being an incredibly disappointing and troublesome film because the editing and pacing are problematic due to unnecessary long running time, the film is incredibly boring and tedious afterwards and it all just went downhill after the first half which is a real shame because it could have been a great film. It is all solid and watchable fare, but very flawed and problematic nevertheless.

Russell B (nl) wrote: My favorite black-and-white movie. I don't agree with the ending, but it was nontheless well-done.

Henrik H (gb) wrote: Keoma is easily in the top 3 western movies I've seen. It's not as captivating as Leone's two masterpieces, "The good the bad and the ugly" and "Once upon a time in West", but where it lacks the mood, it gains in the actionscenes and the story as a whole. The movie is about a half-breed man, Keoma, getting back home from the civil war. His family has fallen apart and the local town is now ruled by an asshole named Caldwell, who's prohibiting the use of medicines and making the people pay taxes 'bout everything you can imagine. Now it's up to Keoma to save the day and a local pregnant woman from her tormentors. It's kinda basic story, but it gets really "deep" after awhile and before you even notice, your armpits are sweatting and you're cheering aloud for Keoma.I'm gonna keep this one short 'cause I don't like telling too much about GOOD MOVIES, I expect you to watch them and make your own decisions.Keoma, you rule!

Bill B (jp) wrote: Finally catching up on a few of Argento's earlier films that'd somehow eluded me, and I have to say, I may be rating them higher just because of how much the man has fallen off in recent years. Still, it's worth tracking down.Rental.

TheLords A (mx) wrote: Without much introduction here's Disney review # 20: Saludos Amigos. Plot: This film is split into four segments based on the travels of the Disney artists of at this time. Lake Titicaca: Donald Duck explores the sights and people of Lake Titicaca Perdo: a little plane from Chile goes on an adventure to collect the mail to and from Mendoza El Gaucho Goofy: Goofy as an American Cowboy travels to the Argentine Pampas. Aquarela do Barsil: the film ends with Donald Duck befriending a new character named Jose Carioca Now The problem for me with this film is that it's not really my kind of film in any way whatsoever. but that doesn't make it any less interesting in terms of that fact that Disney has made one of it's animated films as a way to show us foreign countries with our beloved characters. The stories where nice. nothing super original but it's still nice. I think the best parts were really just anything with Donald and Goofy's Donald and Goofy. Music: It was nice. I know I'm saying that probably too often with this review but still, there was nothing that really stood out as really good or super bad. And that's my review of Saludos Amigos. It's an okay films that's a nice way to know a little bit about other countries and to see more of Donald and Goofy, the rest is probably best understood if you see it for yourself.

Marco P (us) wrote: First hand account of pedophilia from a Catholic priest who is guilty of decades of abuse. Amazing story.

Monica H (ru) wrote: This one was funny! Had me laughing the whole movie. Especially Jada! She's a trip!

David L (de) wrote: A little bit of a more different role for Julia Roberts, compared to what I'm used to seeing her in anyway. Dropping the romantic comedy guise and replacing it with an unromantic stalker thriller was a refreshing change, but probably not one to leave a lasting memory of. Although she performed a very good part, you didn't get the best out of her here, and it wasn't the sort of plot which would emphasise her best asset, that massive smiling mouth of hers. I'd say it's probably a more female orientated film with the central heroine looking to overcome her battle with an abusive husband, also because it's mostly dialogue as opposed to being action packed. The villain was proper old school psycho, with his 70's look and dodgy tash, combined with an unnerving ability to be sweet and sinister at the click of a finger. It was proper cat and mouse stuff throughout, which was always going to come to a head at some point, and when it did ..... It was not really worth the wait. Alright so it was the ending most expected but the manner was far to quick, dull, and an injustice to the bad guy, who having acted out a great part, deserved a more memorable finale for his character. I thought this was going to be a tad better than it was, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it, as I found it very compelling. It just wasn't the classic I expected, given I'd heard of this film for quite some time. It's clever and coordinated without being thrilling or overly chilling, and with the ingredients at its disposal, I just feel they were not maximised to their full potential. Solid marks for a quality film, and one in the eye for domestic abusers, but could have been so much more had they injected a little more confrontation into the second half.