Me and Mama Mia

Me and Mama Mia

A girl named Ricke dreams of having a horse. One day she signs up for a cereal lottery where your can win a horse.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:horse,   girl,   children,  

Eleven-year old Rikke lives alone with her father, whose only interest in life seems to be the soccer matches which appear on his television. Not surprisingly, Rikke is somewhat bored. She enters a contest put on by a cereal company which has as its grand prize a horse. Since she lives in the city in a second floor apartment, it never occurred to her that she might win, but win she does. The horse ("Mama-Mia") duly appears, and she and the members of her slum neighborhood come together to cope with the situation in a delightful way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Me and Mama Mia torrent reviews

Amy L (br) wrote: Really enjoyed the quirky style without copying Woody Allen too much. Feel good movie!

Conrad T (kr) wrote: Typical pizar production if not mistaken but nothing surprisingly good.

Lula J (nl) wrote: how to land in prison for a very longtime,should of been the title!!!

Chris W (nl) wrote: Although this movie has its fair share of awkward moments, overall I was very pleased with it. This may be the best movie visually I've seen from Sokurov yet, and that's really saying something considering his capabilities. The sets, the camera movements, the colors, all top notch. I don't know exactly how Sokurov achieves some of the effects he does, but I really like them. In almost all instances the relationships in this film felt great. The son and his girlfriend had some of the best interactions I've seen recently. The father and son relationship also had some amazing moments. However, they had some moments that were, well, a little strange for an 18(?) year old and his father. Excellent, overall though.

Wes S (mx) wrote: Confusing, rushed, and bland. The characters are so-so, the plot is messy, and the film-style gives me a headache. Nothing too thrilling or spooky, it mostly stands out as mediocre.

Alexi T (de) wrote: a decent Japanese drama.

Micah L (au) wrote: A study in humanity. The scene collecting the grass is awakening.

Kat W (kr) wrote: This was a great movie! I love it! Brooke Shields was hilarous and the wolf howl every time her name was said... lol!

Joshua L (it) wrote: Poorly made sequel to the original Willard. Lots of unintentional laughs. Was nominated for an Oscar!!

Anthony T (fr) wrote: Just walked by this film at the mall, saw it was made by fox. The fact a large studio would make a film that has no chance at all of ever being even remotely decent shows hope to young film makers everywhere. Never give up your dreams cause there is always a chance a great studio would buy your movie.

Jason K (de) wrote: Really funny FilmPlease Check It Out! :)

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