Me and My Girlfriends

Me and My Girlfriends

Three girlfriends, Preenita, Rhea and Shreemoyee share everything with each other from the angst of the "will-he-or-won't-he-call" debates, to the addictive gossip sessions, the analysis of...

Three girlfriends, Preenita, Rhea and Shreemoyee share everything with each other from the angst of the "will-he-or-won't-he-call" debates, to the addictive gossip sessions, the analysis of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reuben S (mx) wrote: A poignant character study and sad story about a 34-years old man trying to get his life back after suffering from drug addiction.This-"can we escape from our dark past?"-concept reminds me of John Crowley's BOY A.Anders Danielson Lie gives a remarkable performance in this haunting drama.

Kieran F (nl) wrote: Loved this film, a cross between eagle eye and wanted, what could go wrong, nothing! Great film! John Cusack great as ever!

Stafford V (ru) wrote: One of the best documentries in the past decade.

leane e (jp) wrote: this wasnt a bad B movie the effects were decent and the acting wasnt to bad it was pretty well done and worth the watch

Jared M (au) wrote: Cheesy action films are always worth a look...just in case. The opening credits were quite Bond-esque, unfortunately this was the best moment of the was a very poor the plot was poor and old, the whole premise has been done much better before. When it comes to the acting if you imagine an entire film where everyone acts like wrestlers in bewteen matches, it's that convincing and can see why the Rock invigorated the whole wrestling scene, he can act! Dull, predictable and really bad acting...don't bother.

Kalin G (de) wrote: Well, "The Inconvenient Truth" is much more appealing and resonating that this one. Still, it gives a glimpse into what might actually happen.I love the absurd parallels drawn in one man's life -- a national disaster hero, pro-environmental, yet an oil company worker. Ridiculous. If you can, watch it. Gorgeous nature views and real-life feeling of what is to come with climatic changes in the future.

Vincent W (ag) wrote: Cool, engaging movie. The premise was actually followed through on which is tremendously refreshing.Logan Lerman is finally in a movie that he doesn't kill! Michael Hall (aka Dexter) is a sick actor. So is Gerard Butler.

James R (gb) wrote: Loved the script, acting was superb, and great use of the cgi. This movie has everything; suspense, drama, action, and a completely original plot. 5 star movie. An instant classic.

Tim M (kr) wrote: Largo Winch was so good I had to see Salle's first work. Top-notch direction, awesome plot. There's even some romance thrown in. Fun French crime flick.

Charlie L (br) wrote: Jim Carrey is brilliant.

Patrick L (kr) wrote: opposite sides of the movie spectrum, but both pretty decent. the blood effects in zatoichi looked a little too cg for me, tho.

Alex V (fr) wrote: Powerful performance. Terrifying tale. I wonder how lucky the unruly youth of Hollywood would feel if this is how they would be treated.

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Paul Verhoeven was a brilliant filmmaker in Holland long before he went to Hollywood, and with this one, he touched upon a very personal subject, World War II, something he lived through in Nazi-occupied Holland as a boy. This film is a remarkable true story, and it makes you wonder why Paul Verhoeven doesn't do more films like this?? He shows great confidence with historical tales. This one focuses on one corner of the Dutch Resistance, fighting against the Nazi's, in particular a group of young Dutch students who include Erik Lanshof (Rutger Hauer), Guus LeJeune (Jeroen Krabb (C)), Jan Weinberg (Huib Rooymans), Alex (Derek de Lint). and Robby Froost (Eddy Habbema). The film shows Erik and Guus travelling to London, where Holland's Queen Wilhelmina (Andrea Domburg), is living in exile. They work in co-operation with Colonel Rafelli (Edward Fox) for the Allied Forces, trying to help bring down Nazi occupation in Holland, all for Queen and Country. It's an exciting and entertaining film, capturing the era well. and it is serious with it's subject matter, (of course, knowing Verhoeven, there is the odd splash of nudity and nasty violence here and there.) Verhoeven touched upon the resistance again with the equally brilliant Black Book (2006), he should be making more films if they can be as strong and compelling as this.

Eduardo C (br) wrote: CULT FAVE is the quintessential psycho horror crime thriller. Legend has it it's the only film from great director Sam Peckinpah in which he had 100 percent control. The story is sordid and hard to believe, but gripping. Warren Oates has a job but he behaves like a desperate drifter, desperate for a little cash so he can settle down with his Mexican girlfriend. Emilio Fernandez, whom I love , basically has the same role he had in the Wild Bunch- that of an excessively powerful and rich evil man with tons of attitude and swagger. When he loudly boasts, "I'll give a million dollars for the head of Alfredo Garcia" , he is taken seriously because he is serious. He wants him dead because he impregnated his virgin daughter who appears to be slightly below the age of consent. That sets in motion this wild, ultraviolent horrific tale of gangsters trying to collect the bounty. Foolish Warren Oates is desperate enough to seek it for a mere 10 grand. Gradually, he realizes it's worth much, much more. He eventually turns psycho, but in a righteous way.

Paul J (jp) wrote: A tender and poignant portrait of Scorsese's parents. Their matter-of-fact approach is both hilarious and very insightful. Not only does this one hour documentary capture the thoughts and feelings of Italians immigrating to New York, but it's also a touching snapshot of Marty's endearing family history.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: A Poor Holmes Cash In With No Conan Doyle--Study in Error!!

Kristina M (ru) wrote: One of my favorite films (it jumped in my top 5 immediately), and the best sci-fi in many years! Finally not an action oriented flashy and dumb film! When I first watched it, it left me breathless at the end. This is a great movie, shooted on a stunning location, with great actors. If you like sci-fi, this is a MUST SEE!

Linda F (us) wrote: the ratings for this aren't great, but i enjoyed the movie. good cast!it was based on a best-selling novel - i think i'll look for the book. :)