Me debes un muerto

Me debes un muerto

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Walter M (ca) wrote: In "Beautiful Kate," Ned(Ben Mendelsohn) travels to the outback to visit his long-estranged father Bruce(Bryan Brown) with his much younger girlfriend, Toni(Maeve Dermody), a waitress with dreams of acting, in tow. Bruce has conjunctive heart failure with only a short time to live and is cared for by his youngest daughter Sally(Rachel Griffiths) who also volunteers for the local aboriginal community. She has to leave for a few days, giving Ned more time to spend with his father and to think about his twin sister Kate(Sophie Lowe). "Beautiful Kate" is a darkly engaging movie that takes its time moving through the landscape of memories with the help of natural performances and cinematography. Writer/director Rachel Ward handles the provocative material with sensitivity, allowing the viewer to understand what happened and possibly why but not pass judgment. Ned being a writer actually works here, as it is the kind of profession that Bruce would frown upon, thinking that the only kind of job for a man is where he works with his hands. And it would be so very easy to think of Bruce as a national champion rat bastard but that single shot of all four children around the dinner table hits home how hard it probably was to raise four children all alone after his wife's death.

Cheryl L (au) wrote: Not much action in this film which made parts of it drag. However, well acted. Not really much suspense either and I did find myself getting a little bored whilst watching the movie.

mark d (au) wrote: It won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival and the Golden St. George at the 23rd Moscow International Film Festival

Hernando H (it) wrote: This is pretty much the best talkie ever made in the past ten years.

Darcy P (ca) wrote: This was just a !#%&ed up film all-in-all. But I couldn't stop laughing. Just have a beer and enjoy. You either like this one or you hate it. If you have an open mind, give it a try.

David S (au) wrote: This chess-themed thriller is modeled after the giallo formula - a masked/gloved killer, a lot of suspects, a ridiculous amount of red herrings (all naturally illogical), an out-of-left-field culprit, and that unnecessary quotient of exploitative sleaze. It's all derivative of better films, but I do admit that I was in awe of how audacious the writer was by including so many blatantly illogical red herrings near the end, so much so that I was beginning to get confused myself about the culprit's identity. It's entertaining but that's about it... there's little else here to recommend.

Vadim D (br) wrote: Worth to watch for the camp and Grace Jones. This is 80s bad cinema, and it's oh so good.

Eric R (ca) wrote: In the vein of Walter Hill's Warriors, Vigilante takes place in a very violent, almost civil-war like New York City where crime has reached epic proportions and the cops can't keep up. A group of citizens, led by the always awesome Fred Williamson, have seen enough and begin to take justice into their own hands. The film centers around Eddie Merino (a young Robert Forster), a man reluctant to take justice into his own hands until his wife and son are brutally attacked. VIGILANTE is a violent fun crime flick with an awesome synth score. Its not overally intelligent, but this is a William Lustig flick so I wasn't exactly expecting it. It skips right past the moral debate and goes right into the righteousness of revenge and punishing the unjust. Fred Williamson is such a badass.

Wiki S (ag) wrote: afresh change from the last three episode, better storey , more suspense / action and a newer specie with an aim to change