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Me siento extraña


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Conner N (ag) wrote: My biggest Marvel guilty pleasure. Not a good movie by most means, but provides some great escapist entertainment and situations.

Chris M (es) wrote: As with Morgan's first two Blair films, believability is high on the agenda here whether it be Michael Sheen's now inch-perfect characterisation of the former Prime Minister, the sight of a British politician beginning to swoon at the sight of Washington D.C. or the contrast between the elegance of a White House Presidential suite and the family kitchen at Downing Street.Covering Northern Ireland peace talks, Monica Lewinski, Kosovo and culminating with the 2000 American election, Morgan's widest spanning script occasionally feels pressured by the demands of an HBO timeslot but manages to be engaging throughout whether the scene in question be a rousing call to war in the Commons (no, not that one) or the intimate moment when Dennis Quaid's Clinton lies to his wife about the affair for the first time.Like The Queen before it, this film has a sympathetic view of Blair from the off though this is somewhat tempered towards the end when a cynical Clinton suggests the Prime Minister is no longer a progressive centre-left politician, and perhaps never was.The effect of Iraq on the script was perhaps inevitable and some of the Kosovo related lines are arguably blunter than the script deserves but it would behove many to remember that the Labour administration's first military actions were not post 9/11 and the vehemence with which Blair addresses the issue (and eventually forces Clinton to support) is very familiar and an interesting back drop to what we know now.The Special relationship will have a limited audience. In the UK some viewers will have to hold prejudice aside for 90 minutes. In America it will largely depend on whether or not viewers can remember who Tony Blair is. That being said it is an engaging political story that never becomes lost in the grandiose events it covers and left this reviewer hungry for more. Tony Blair did, after all, continue past the honeymoon.

Chadrack K (de) wrote: i want to wash it now

TheMumblelover (ru) wrote: At times disturbing and funny. The dark humour though is not enough to sustain the film it takes awhile to get going and by the time it does its good, it becomes dark, twisted and macabre. Its a good story on the narcissistic theme and original, the problem is it lacks substance and depth. Good and worth a see though not for the sensitive or if pregnant.

Jongan S (us) wrote: Sean Astin can flex his butt cheeks.

Nate H (ca) wrote: Waste of a tite cast.

Bo S (fr) wrote: the worst movie i've ever seen. Stupid jokes and terrable acting. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE EVEN IF YOU ONLY LIKE TO WATCH MOVIES ABOUT WEED!!!

Terri H (fr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

felipe m (es) wrote: Buscemi como Buscemi... sobre a difcil arte de fazer um filme

Horace S (gb) wrote: desent movie to be so old

Tim S (gb) wrote: More Dead Than Alive is a 1969 western starring Clint Walker, Vincent Price, and Anne Francis. It was a film that was released not long after the out-of-date Motion Picture Production Code (or Hays code) was discarded. As such, it featured more on-screen violence and a somewhat darker tone than was common for an average western film at that time. It was directed by Robert Sparr, who was mostly known for his TV work, directing many episodes of Lawman, Cheyenne, and The Wild Wild West. Thankfully, this movie didn't have the appearance of something made by a customarily TV director. It featured a lot quick panning, multiple angles, fast-editing, and unusual framing techniques. It's a film that, many years later, actually looks more sophisticated than it really is. That all being said, it's also a movie that fails to live up to its own style and execution. The story, while unorthodox and featuring an ending that had the potential to be very effective, never has any true momentum behind it. But the biggest problem with the movie is its ending, which attempts to be a down ending yet sails into the credits with a rousing and swelling number about Cain's character and his struggle. It's a tune that has no business in the final moments of this film. It goes beyond softening the blow to the point where the hit just doesn't connect at all, making all of the previous effort almost pointless. So it isn't a western that breathes a lot of air into the genre of yesteryear, nor is it a brutal assault on the genre in the early days of the New Hollywood era. It's more of a character study that tries to push the envelope a bit but tends to render itself moot rather than making any sort of a concrete point.

Qi Z (ag) wrote: A psychological horror story of bleakness and exploitation of one and others.

Jess L (de) wrote: This is an adorable movie with some wonderful characters and performances. 60s, B&W, a now famous theme song that sticks in your head and fits the movie perfectly. The ending would probably not sit well with audiences nowadays as Georgy marries the considerably older and wealthier man so that she can keep the baby - I get it though it's about the baby and not which man she is with, but I still would have loved to see her end up with Jos as they had the most wonderful chemistry and repartee. Really enjoyable 60s flick.

doris c (ag) wrote: excellent......brill actress....

Sergio R (ca) wrote: Heartbreaking and powerful in every sense of the words, Los Olvidados is a soulful experience that immerses us to the poverty, the origin of violence and the consequences of it. Luis Bueuel is a genius, blending elements of the italian neorrealism with his unique and subtle surrealism.Maybe its too pessimistic but that was the idea, and the hole at the end is fill with clever dialogue, memorable characters and beautiful (in a backward way) messages of family, adolescence, and fate.

AJ S (fr) wrote: Only a minor improvement on his first outing seen with "Crisis", Bergman??s "Port of Call" seems to be less authentic in tone and story. The narrative is overwrought and uninspired, while the technique is still in an amateurish stage. Bert as a character and a personality is unreliable to the point of being annoying, while Goesta and everyone else seem inhuman. Even while the ending remains hurried and laughable in its resolution, none of the other parts do an adequate job of complementing each other. Easily, a boring film, which is the most inaccessible of the early Bergman collection.

Michael D (ca) wrote: Chaplin was a genius and Modern Times was his masterpiece. Modern Times is still relevant today. Modern Times is a film that will make you laugh out loud and shed tear all with perfect timing.. Chaplin was the master of entertainment! There is never a boring or dull moment in a Chaplin film. Modern Times especially.. This is a must see movie! Chaplin being the rebel that he was made this a silent film years after talkies were the norm. That's part of the beauty of this movie. What Chaplin does works and it's entertaining from start to finish.

Igor A (ag) wrote: orginalno smisleno...