Mean Machine

Mean Machine

Disgraced ex-England captain (Danny 'Mean Machine' Meehan) is thrown in jail for assaulting two police officers. He keeps his head down and has the opportunity to forget everything and change the lives of the prisoners. These prisoners have the chance to put one over the evil guards. The prisoners are lead by Danny and the whole of the prison, guards aside, are behind them.

A soccer star jailed for assault leads a group of inmates in a match against prison guards. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (es) wrote: An absorbing and well edited documentary that unveils the life of this secretive and incredibly talented woman in an attempt to find out who she was, raising in the process inevitable questions about someone's right (or lack thereof) to expose the work of someone who died.

jaylen k (es) wrote: That movie is aswome

Lanky Man P (jp) wrote: This film is just ridiculous in a very god way.

Anna F (ag) wrote: Excerpt from Cinematic Codes Review: Special Correspondents: A Hard-Hitting Look at Hack JournalismSpecial Correspondents is a low-budget Netflix comedy that stars a series of well-known middle-aged stars. It is refreshing to view an anti-journalism film for a change, as the dramas about the heroic journalists nearly dying but surviving against all odds through their strength of character are predictably dull. The film starts when a radio announcer, played by Eric Bana, and his female assistant, Kelly Macdonald, break into a crime scene by pretending to be detectives, and in two minutes concoct how the announcer images the Russian without a finger got shot in a gang war based on silverware and a couple of sentences by the bellman. Fig. 1. Eric Bana, middle, and Kelly Macdonald, right, in Special Correspondents. Netflix.Things go awry when the technician, Ricky Gervais, tosses his own and the announcer's passports and tickets into a dump truck, just as they are supposed to fly for an assignment in a warzone in South America. They hide out in an apartment above a diner across the street from their radio station instead, and use automated sound effects to convince listeners that they are reporting from the frontlines. They make up a false general and spin the lie so far that they have to pretend they've been kidnapped. To support this lie, they smuggle themselves into the country illegally, and actually manage to get kidnapped. Fig. 2. Eric Bana, middle left, and Ricky Gervais, middle right, in Special Correspondents. Netflix.Most of the cast acts as if they are intoxicated during shooting, and this stands out the most in Vera Farmiga's performance. She does sip alcohol a few times, as part of the plot, but her lack of enthusiasm for the story and for what she's saying shows through. She is supposed to be the detached, mean and self-interested wife of the technician, but her apathy is painful to watch. Comedies typically exaggerate this sort of characters to a greater extent to avoid it slipping into a dark tragedy. Fig. 3. Ricky Gervais, left, and Eric Bana in Special Correspondents. Netflix.The running scene where Ricky Gervais shoots out the kidnappers really shows why comedians should not attempt inserting extreme action into their low-budget (i.e. no stunt-doubles) films. Imagine Xena without doubles, if Lucy Lawless gained a hundred pounds and was wearing baggy casual clothing, while she's trying to run and toss spears in the general direction of her numerous assailants... The settings look expensive though. In one scene, the leads are making their way through deep water towards the shore as a large trade ship is departing behind them. The jungle village they end up in in South America looks like an authentic village in the rainforest, so it must have cost a good deal to get a crew in there. The shots inside of an expensive hotel lobby and inside of a radio station probably were costly too. Ricky Gervais did a good job pulling this whole thing together considering that he acted, directed and wrote it. He could have chosen a more formulaic comedy that did not require a trip into the jungle, or casting doubts on the follies of American journalists, so his daring is commendable. At no point of this film did I consider stopping it and not watching it through the end, and there were a few moments when I might have giggled silently. So, if you have Netflix, yeah, you should definitely watch this comedy, if only to laugh at the mistakes.Title: Special CorrespondentsWritten/ Directed by: Ricky GervaisStars: Ricky Gervais, Vera Farmiga, Erica Bana, America FerreraGenre: ComedyRating: TV-MARunning Time: 100 minRelease: 2016

Jack H (nl) wrote: it was definatly watchable and entertaining. but its told through big flashbacks which takes away from the suspencful atmosphere. also i saw the two twists coming from the beginning of the movie

Ethan F (it) wrote: Lit the shittest movie eva. DO NOT FUCKING SEE

Claire T (es) wrote: it was an ok movie but expected better, I expected better from Robert De Niro, and it starred Sean Penn, it was an ok movie I didn't think it was a good film so I don't want it on DVD

Shane D (au) wrote: Perhaps the last Shyamalan film that is worth sitting through, despite it being filled with clunky dialogue and occasionally awkward plot developments. I don't hate the fact that he gave himself an important role as a cameo and I love Giamatti in this. The Newton Howard score is a real highlight for me.

Roy O (ru) wrote: Total feel good movie! Stick it to the boss, watched several times. Great casting, Mr Brady as the boss, Jennifer Aniston too!

Greg T (de) wrote: The accents are all over the place and so hard to understand sometimes, though Big Night comes through with likable characters, a moving story, great looking food and a final shot that perfectly encapsulates all that came before it.

p b (ag) wrote: I can't help but laugh when I see this "thriller"...

Mark S (mx) wrote: An old psycho-drama/film noir with a decent cast but an absolutely ludicrous plot.

Rachel M (fr) wrote: love this movie and it's where I got Ebyn's name ?

Moya W (fr) wrote: Bad Teacher was somewhat entertaining. Easy to sit through and a good movie for killing some time. The comedy was a bit too black for my liking. I don't really know why any actor would want to be in a movie like this, but it was still okay.

Kenan I (es) wrote: So stupid movie, couldn't even finish it

Matt C (de) wrote: This movie starts out very strong, a survival story two baseball players stuck in the zombie apocalypse. Traveling from place to place like nomads. People are always your greatest enemy. the last 30 minutes literally is in a car stuck. there is no ending which killed it for me completely.

Jeremy B (ca) wrote: This movie could have been so good. It was a great idea. But it was not done very well... The main plot about finding dinosaurs was great. But the storyline followed / played out by the actors was pretty weak. And horrible ending.

Alec B (de) wrote: Plot wise, it's all over the place but the movie is filled with brilliant physical comedy (obviously) and really dark humor.

Logan M (au) wrote: Foul and morally bankrupt, but these are the things that make "Training Day" anything but ordinary.