A working-class family in London's East End is struggling to stay afloat during the recession under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's premiership. Only the mother Mavis is working; father Frank and the couple's two sons Colin, a timid, chronically shy individual and Mark, an outspoken, headstrong young man, are on the dole. This situation is contrasted by the presence of Mavis's sister Barbara, and her husband John, whose financial and social loftiness appears to be a comfortable facade over the unspoken soreness of a lackluster marriage.

An odd film, primarily looking at how the dole affects the underclass in Britain. Tim Roth stars as Colin, a slow and possibly intellectually disabled man living with his parents and brother in a housing project. He and his sarcastic manipulative brother still behave like teenagers, living with their parents, harassing each other. The problem is that they are in their late teens or twenties. Neighborhood characters include Hayley, a young woman with a crush on Colin, and Coxy (Gary Oldman) a violent local skinhead who befriends Colin. Trouble ensues when their wealthy aunt gives Colin a job and his brother becomes jealous. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim A (gb) wrote: While its far from the worst computer animated children's movie studios have been farted out in recent years it is most a very uninspired story with only occasional laughs and a story that is little more than a cheap Toy Story clone but without the wit or the charm of Toy Story

Emma R (es) wrote: Quite, quite thoughtful

Steve W (de) wrote: One of Jacki Chan's better movies in his later years, Chinese Zodiac is the final film in Chan's Armor of God series. While the first two feature some excellent fight scenes mixed with intrigue and adventure, this film is not up to par as those, but close to it. Jackie is back as Asian Hawk, a treasure hunter who finds relics. He has some bland sidekicks, and takes on everything from military, pirates, security guards, and the movie is very fun. It capture the essence of what we like in action adventure films, with a whole lot of exotic locales and inventive choreography. Chinese Zodiac is like a love letter to his previous films, and it works.

Simon S (nl) wrote: 2 hours of my life I won't get back

Christina A (ag) wrote: One of the most beautiful documentaries I have seen. The Monarch butterfly is my all time favorite butterfly, but after watching this, I have a new found respect for the Monarch.

Niklas J (ag) wrote: The majority of the film is plain boring. The title is far more exciting than any part of the movie and the moral conclusions are deeply reactionary and petit bourgeois.

Margaret J (nl) wrote: Three quite different stories linked through the fact that they are all aborad a train. The consistent feeling of menace is noteworthy, given that the three stories were directed by three different people.

Rich D (us) wrote: Can't believe I have waited 11 years to finally watch this What a film. Made me laugh,Made me cry,Made me think Jack Nicholson one of my fave actors of all time

Richard A (kr) wrote: Shameful Jaws rip-off but with some artistic flare. Not enough Fonda for me.

Erik G (ca) wrote: The story is very basic; it's Forbidden Planet plus Invasion of the Body Snatchers. However, the presentation is what makes this a gem. The use of color and space is pure genius. Everything on the spaceship is black but with little bits such as the astronaut's helmets and lights on the panes that really pop. The dead alien craft they discover is alien and truly alien. (Why is there a tuning fork there?) This should also get credit for hinting at a fuller world of the future. For example, the technobabble at the beginning is not understandable at all, and the strange sickle-like object the humans set up at the graves is pretty interesting.

Mark K (au) wrote: Beautiful and sometimes surreal lovestory. They don't make 'm like this anymore.

Dave B (it) wrote: Just saw this movie; meant to see it when released but didn't get around to it. This is a very moving and powerful movie. As a military veteran interested in espianage, and who works with technology, I found it very edifying. All of the legal and political tensions were very ably on display. I thought it was overall pretty balanced: it showed the "collateral damage" to a sweet young Kenyan girl whom the movie highlighted while showing the great lengths (and corresponding moral dilemas) of the people in the military, legal, and political chains of command. It was so good I saw it yesterday and then rewatched it tonight. I'll probably watch it a third time later on. Its on Amazon Prime Video, so if you have that its free for you! The only thing I could see being unrealistic was at the end of the movie the Kenyan agent went back to the scene of where he had been outed and almost killed a half hour before. No way would anyone do that.