A love triangle between two boys and a girl who drift through life from a rugby game, to a pool party, to the beach.

A love triangle between two boys and a girl who drift through life from a rugby game, to a pool party, to the beach. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eytan D (kr) wrote: Another dead honest, sad but hopeful, brilliantly acted and utterly romantic movie. "28 Hotel Rooms" is an indie that plays like a sexed-up Neil LaBute play, which just makes the topics of one-night stands and romantic statuses all the more intriguing and questionable. Both Chris Messina and Marin Ireland are absolutely fantastic here. It's a little slow at times, but "28 Hotel Rooms" is a sizzling romantic drama not to be missed.

Paul W (br) wrote: Make no mistake, this film is terrible. But it's a good kind of terrible. Definitely worth a few laughs.

Jaime L (de) wrote: Was alright, despite the premise being a little silly, Rocky Balboa wasn't cheesy like some of the previous Rocky movies. That said the film was rather bland overall. Nothing really interested me, not Rocky's motivation to fight again, not his antagonist in the ring, not Paulie or his kid and certainly not that woman and her son he befriends. The fight at the end might have been the poorest in the series as well, I felt none of the intensity of the previous ones, especially when compared to Rocky's two bouts against Apollo Creed.Still though a disappointment, it is good enough that I was at least mildy interested so can give a positive rating, perhaps would be more fun for a true fan of the Rocky films.

Adam W (gb) wrote: Where was uninhibited Neve Campbell during Wild Things?

Konrad A (jp) wrote: Not the best movie I have seen better movies with Adam Sandler the swan just was not as funny and interesting to me

Alyan H (fr) wrote: One of the best stephen king adaptions

Adrian U (it) wrote: This film embodies the spirit and struggle of the American Chicano.

Alexander C (jp) wrote: OOOOOH fuck yeah baby !

Cassandra S (fr) wrote: Amazing movie all together and shows the true meaning of friendship! !!

Scott R (de) wrote: Unusual Western Comedy, new for the time, with Lee Marvin playing two roles for which he won the oscar. Jane Fonda was a beauty, and Nat King Cole graces us a month before his death.

Adesh P (es) wrote: Somehow I never got into the film, it never engaged or entertained me. I think I actually felt like a bored wife or may be I should just catch it again.

Calum B (nl) wrote: This MGM British production, part of a series starring the incomparable Margaret Rutherford, is as enjoyable today, as it was when it was released. George Pollock, the director deserves credit for the immensely satisfying film version of Agatha Christie's "Mrs. McGinty's Death". The excellent copy we saw recently on TCM appears as good now, as it probably did when it first made its theatrical debut. Miss Jane Marple was Agatha Christie's best creation. She is a no nonsense woman who can't be easily persuaded to condemn the man on trial, in which she is seen as part of the jury at the start of the film. Ms. Marple knows the man is not guilty, even when she gets the other jury members to give her dirty looks when she votes against the others to acquit the man on trial. Miss Marple starts digging around the dead woman's room and discovers the programs for "Murder, She Said", a play by the theatrical production company that is performing at a theater near her. She enlists her friend Jim Stringer to help her catch the culprit. We are not prepared to see Miss Marple become part of a second rate theatrical troupe touring the country. "Murder Most Foul" is a must to be seen by all Agatha Christie's fans and mystery fans because of the charisma Margaret Rutherford exuded playing the title character. Ms. Rutherford was an actress that always delivered in her many films. She is an acquired taste that ages well as a good wine. The supporting cast play like an ensemble. Ron Moody, Charles Tingwell, Stringer Davis, Francesca Annis, Terry Scott, Dennis Price, and the rest, do what they do best and in the process enhance the film. This is a tribute to the genius of the Jane Marple of Margaret Rutherford!

Josh B (jp) wrote: Pretty predictable. Lots of social commentary here, but, I'm not sure this film warrants the time.

Henry A (de) wrote: A little long, but incredibly well made.