Mechte navstrechu

Mechte navstrechu

A rocket from a distant planet approaching Earth must land on Mars due to a technical defect, thus the inhabitants of the Earth rush to their help.

The inhabitants of planet Zenturia are receiving radio waves from planet Earth. The love song they hear is so inviting they send a space ship to Earth. When it crashes on Phobos, a moon of Mars, the Earthlings receive their emergency call and send the space ship Okean to pick up the Zenturian survivors. The rescue mission turns out very difficult due to more technical problems and the Martian sandstorms. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John W (ru) wrote: A quiet, soft-spoken ghost story with some good scares and an interestingly different story. Beautifully filmed and well acted (including the cool Brad Dourif), Last Kind Words was a pleasant surprise and good watch

Twins S (ru) wrote: A nice movie..great actors and a kid that lights up every single scene..An Hong kong movie that departs from the classic gangster or comedy genre, in favour of a more dramatic genre.Although the technicality of the direction might rise some issues of metaromanticism (a movie based mostly on the director life), the characters make a strong impact to the audience..In any case, you can see in this movie the director's sincerity and effort to tell a childhood story based on the tough Hong kong Life of the 60s.A very touching movie.

Suy J (ag) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. I think it's amazing how Khary Payton is alone for most of this movie and carries it. Great acting, I was rooting for this astronaut throughout the movie. You go through a lot of emotions in this film. I absolutely recommend it!

Way R (gb) wrote: The movie oozes with gritty, bloody fun but the two things that make no sense in the movie is 1. How could the hooker be smelling and decomposing when she comes back to life later in the movie? 2. There is no way their friend who had her arm amputated would be acting normal and laughing while smoking a joint, she would of bled out in a couple minutes with out a tourniquet or immediate medical attention. Those 2 scenarios make the movie way to far fetched and totally unrealistic. The movies ok for a one time watch but I give it a 3 out of 10.

Joe A (us) wrote: Is it art? heck yeah, and the best part is that Mark doesn't even know what he's doing is art. Once an artist always an artist, it doesn't matter if you've forgotten everything you ever learn through the senseless violent act.

Megan D (mx) wrote: Wasn't this shown on BBC1 or ITV or something?

Adam F (ru) wrote: This is what happens when you take a movie that should have been an action comedy and add in horror music and cliches for no apparent reason.

Greg W (gb) wrote: all star cast is the fuel that propels this family drama

Pete S (es) wrote: A good version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses. The people are prim and proper with wacky hairdos and and funny hats. All of them are beautiful, which makes it more fun and more engaging. It's also interesting as a peek into Korean historical values as they discover Catholicism

Dann M (es) wrote: A fascinating experimental film that explores music and imagination, Fantasia is a triumph of vision. Combining the talents of the Walt Disney Studio and the Philadelphia Orchestra, several pieces of classical music are brought to life through a series of animated vignettes. With the aid of animation the evocative nature of music is explored, from the expression of mood to complex storytelling. Surprisingly none of Disney's trademark characters appear (other than Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice segment). Instead the segments feature nature scenes and animals and fairy tale creatures engaged in frivolity. Most of the animation is quite impressive, but some of it is a little crude and generic. Still, Fantasia is an extraordinarily well-craft and artistic film that celebrates the power of music to express thoughts and feelings.

Norm d (au) wrote: A western Western. A western MOVIE. Spectacular in most ways, including a magnificent film score & sound design, as evidenced by its 70mm 6-track release in '85. The 5.1 DVD Dolby Surround is excellent. There's really too much going-on in this film, unlike "Unforgiven," but still ... And the female characters are underutilized in story & screen time, and in love interest & raw westward-ho the women old-time boots-on lovemaking, especially with Arquette on-board. Really, you want Carol Baker & Debbie Reynolds to emerge from the Rio Grande somewhere along the way, so stellar are the male leads. If you need a Western fix with plenty of shooting, dust, & panorama, this is a good one. Kevin Kline was good casting, almost surprisingly, as was Brian Dennehy. Costner's screen persona worked well, perhaps even better than later on ...

Ville I (nl) wrote: Boring cannibal/zombie film with cheesy effects. Some cultists drawing the finnish sign for "pussy" cut up people in New York, making a random party to go and investigate them in a tropical island. But they go to a different island which is inhabited by a mad doctor who makes zombies while cannibals worship naked women in their underground lair. In the end, there is fire and bad music. Also known as "Doctor Butcher, M.D. (Medical Deviate)", which is pretty cool. Also has Alexandra Delli Colli naked/semi-naked for most of the duration, which is even better!

Private U (ca) wrote: A classic a must see

Kristofer A (es) wrote: Great early live action Disney film

Kaleb S (es) wrote: This is what a monster movie should be. The found footage style filming presents an intensity that those old Godzilla movies just can't compete with. The found footage style of filming can be a mixed bag, but this one breathes new life into my interest in this particular style of filming.

Manuel T (kr) wrote: I own the whole collection of books and the movies that have come out and they are all extremely funny and highly recommended. :)

Honor M (ag) wrote: It was an interesting movie but the acting wasnt too great.

M C (us) wrote: A fun movie with great F/X, but nowhere near Joe Dante's best work. 54/100

Lanky Man P (mx) wrote: A solid horror flick. And original.