Med dej i mina armar

Med dej i mina armar

Millionaire Christer Dahl loses his memory when he is hit in the head by a golf ball. He meets his ex-wife and immediately fall in love with her again. She does not know what to believe, is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Med dej i mina armar torrent reviews

Yuvraj B (gb) wrote: The movie is fast paced and riotously funny.. Though not a perfect film,the film has enough slapstick and awesome music to make I a perfect one timer... But this is a kind of a film which is not to be avoided..

Jess B (de) wrote: It was really dumb. whheeww, this is like a K-mart special or some shit.Just a whole bunch of pointless violence and sex adrenaline flick, with macho overtones. Dont be fooled by the superstars on the cover they hardly make any appearnces in this smauz of a movie.I think theyre trying to use this production as a vehicle to launch MMA ppv sales, or just experiment with the celebrity of fighters, in any case its no excuse for such a poor showing, and almost embarassing to the sport.

Alex H (nl) wrote: Honestly, it's a good documentary on an alleged serial killer. But to be fair, it hardly delves into the urban legend it says it's telling the story of. Instead, it feels like the film gets distracted from what it set out to be, and instead becomes a rather good true-crime documentary. It's still worth a watch, but if you're looking for an examination of the local urban legend, it doesn't really function that well.

George W (us) wrote: This film has one of the most redundant 'twists' in the history of cinema.

MEC r (it) wrote: This movie is sort of funny in a way with how James talks, though, do NOT think I am laughing at him being 'retarded', because I'm not. The movie is alright. Very emotional. It didn't end right. I want to know what he did with the diamonds in the end after Isaiah found James again???"James, this is GOLD!"- Isaiah talking about some thrown out furniture."WHY are we taking home this junk!?"-JamesLOL!!

Oliver S (de) wrote: Feel good surf movie. Obvious in some places but still good to watch.

RA L (gb) wrote: PAN AND SCAN. Efectiva y sutil alegora de la decadencia burguesa argentina y de la existencia precaria del ser humano, en general. Su esttica est muy bien definida y equilibrada. / Effective and subtle allegory of burgeois decadence in Argentina and of human beings' precarious existence, in general. Its aesthetics are well defined and balanced.

jeff m (gb) wrote: In a word, "stinks". The music the band makes all sounds the same. Bad movie; couldn't they have stopped it before it began!

Tom S (jp) wrote: Some would say its absurd trajectory is about the absurdity of violence, but more than anything it(TM)s film having fun for the sake of having fun, and nothing shows that more than the last gun shot.